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Fever ke side effects...

The fever is back again. The cough is bad too. I realized something. That I become a 'little' more sentimental when I am unwell. Or may be it is estrogen... No, I think its the fever because this is not the first time I am feeling this. I have felt this before.

Last night I cried watching Full House. There have been plenty of emotional moments in the series but i have never cried watching it. But when Jesse surprised Rebecca with a special Christmas gift- snow (when it had not snowed) all over the backyard with a cute snowman standing in the center, because for Rebecca Christmas is incomplete without the snow. That was really cute.

Because of the cough I am not able to talk a lot. That's the reason for blogging this often. On normal days I would have told this to my buddy and then forgotten about it. Since I am not able to do that, I am expressing here. This is my corner. :)

Today I saw 'Pyar ke side effects' finally!

I liked the movie very much. Shame on me. I call myself a movie-buff and i saw this one 2 years after it released. I remember I had almost gone for this movie had I not been screamed at by my guide that day. That was the only time I got a proper thrashing from my guide. Forget it!

Though the movie has been treated 'comically', it does not lack in sensitivity. It takes a lot of time before a man is ready to commit, to marry, to have children. Basically, men are slow in all those matters which are important for women but they are pretty fast in some other matters.

'Jaane kya chaahe mann, baawra' is one of my favourite songs. It was called the "feeling-blue-song" in our lab. Remember K2 and MayRe? I saw it in the context of the movie and it was even better. :)

One thing I liked the most was Naanu (Ranvir Shorey's character) attending the wedding of his ex-girlfriend. It is difficult to fall-out-of-love, though it is not impossible. And one of the best ways is to accept the fact that the person belongs to somebody else and you don't mean a thing to that person. The ego cannot take it that from being everything you are no more than a speck of dust in somebody else's life. It helps to forget the unforgettable. It's true.


shilpy said…
kyaa baat hai darling.. lagta hai apna khayaal nahin rakh rahi ho. apni chhadi chalaun kyaa yahan se.. merehaath bahut lambe hai.. he he.. take care of urself dear..

and this is really bad.. tune yeh movie nahin dekhi.. jeet aur maine pata nahin kitni baar dekhi hai..over and over again and laughed everytime, more than the earlier times.. its one of the best movies ok ms. sherawat too, which prove that she can act too.. rahul bose and ranvir shorey are good (should say best) as ever.. one of our all time favorites.. :-)
Angika said…
Hmmm. It is entirely possible to fall out of love trust me, it just requires some unexpected jolts in life :D I loved the movie very much too, btw, very nicely done! And it's good to see you blog often and positively :)
Koffee beanzz said…
Saggi..EVEN I had watched this was my 'date' with Lepto! is not difficult to fall out of love..its all in the head..gotta make it strong :-)
Shazia said…
@ Shilpy
Yaar itne door se bhi sirf maarogi kya? Hum apna khayaal rakh rahe hain. Sach mein :)

@ Angika
Thanks. You very well know who inspired me.

@ Koffee beanzz
Yes dear this is when rare chance when you can say this. Other wise i am way ahead of you when it comes to movie-mania :)
And yes you are right-- "Its all in the head"
Wali Khan said…
I can relate to it... Actually this is the time... when u need someone u love the most... and when thats not happening its frustrating...

But to me that was a major time period when i fell in love with myself... and now i take care of myself... Its satisfying... :)

Coming on to the movie... i know guys can be that stoopid... and there were scenes like... guy getting crazy by watching his gal thinking about kids... and Especially the scene where gal shops... hehehe... "Its Nice..." I simply adored that...

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