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...and the year comes to an end!

I know it would be a cliche if I started this post by saying that I can't believe that the year is already coming to an end. At this point I would quote Geet from the movie Jab We Met, "Please Baba ji, ab to hadd paar ho chuki hai. Ab is raat mein aur koi excitement mat dena. Boring bana do ji ab is raat ko, please!"

If I replace the word "raat" with "saal", it comes very close to my story! :)

This is the year I will hopefully remember as the year I quit mainstream research, though reluctantly, for good. When I look back at each of the troubling episodes, I feel that if I had to relive the past, I would willingly go through all of that to reach the present, that is.

The year began at an uncertain note. The tenure of the last job was about to get over and I didn't have an offer from anywhere else. I could extend my tenure by a couple of months, but I was adamant to leave the organization where I had already spent almost 8 years doing my Ph.D. and …

Out of nothingness

The strong smell of its absence is killing me.
Or is it still around?
Seems like it was just yesterday, that I had put an end to the beginning.
Though the hateful love has slowly begun to stop growing, a light heaviness is sinisterly creeping.
When my palm craves for the gleaming ray, My eyes are shut in dismay.
I am losing my breath... waiting for it to dawn on me.
Come, hold me, blind me...