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I have lost the ability to write

It has been such a long time since i wrote something here. The main reason is that all the "writing" has been channelised towards one direction. And in spite of devoting all the time (ok most of my time) very little progress is happening. And it is really demoralising. :(

I am a bad writer.

Or, to make myself feel a little better, i can say that i am really bad when it comes to "scientific writing".

Almost the whole of last week was spent in writing and re-writing the synopsis of my work. My guide is right when she says that she has no idea how and when will i finish writing my thesis. But I will do it. And I will do it soon. Till then, sagittalsection will remain inactive. Just wanted to tell all of you who check my blog frequently. I will be back, very soon, at the same place. (I am not shifting my blog to some secret location, though it's a great idea.)

Why did the Indian Producers Association start this war with the multiplexes? I have not seen a movie for the …

A journey

New Delhi Railway Station, Aug 2003

Mumbai Central Railway Station, Dec 2003

Chattrapati Shivaji Airport, Mumbai, Sep 2005

Heidelberg Hbf, June 2008

Frankfurt Airport, June 2008

Lucknow, April 2009

...never mind!