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Aal izz well !!!

Life to hai hi out of control, Aur dimag to bachpan se hai 'gol' (read zero). Ab ye kehte hain ki hothon ko kar ke gol, Seeti baja ke bol.... Aal izz well.
Ye bhi karke dekh lete hain... :)

Spent a really stressful day yesterday. First half of the day was spent in worrying whether I will get the ticket for the first-day-any-show of my hero's movie. Second half was spent in processing 10 blood samples and painting the white blood cells with four different colours, first on the outside and then inside. Was able to do everything except remembering that it was Christmas. :( Serves me right. Will wait for 25th Dec 2010 now.
In between the two kind of stresses I spent some 3 hours with the 3 Idiots. And every minute was worth it. It took me back in time, to school and college days, the good old days of exams...sorry not so good days of exams. I remembered how I could never cram, how I could never write more than a page or two in response to essay type questions, how I failed to use flo…