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Aal izz well !!!

Life to hai hi out of control,
Aur dimag to bachpan se hai 'gol' (read zero).
Ab ye kehte hain ki hothon ko kar ke gol,
Seeti baja ke bol.... Aal izz well.

Ye bhi karke dekh lete hain... :)

Spent a really stressful day yesterday. First half of the day was spent in worrying whether I will get the ticket for the first-day-any-show of my hero's movie. Second half was spent in processing 10 blood samples and painting the white blood cells with four different colours, first on the outside and then inside. Was able to do everything except remembering that it was Christmas. :(
Serves me right. Will wait for 25th Dec 2010 now.

In between the two kind of stresses I spent some 3 hours with the 3 Idiots. And every minute was worth it. It took me back in time, to school and college days, the good old days of exams...sorry not so good days of exams. I remembered how I could never cram, how I could never write more than a page or two in response to essay type questions, how I failed to use flowery language for describing something simple in science exams (it's ok to show your language skills in literature but why science?). I remembered this friend of mine who lost his life to constant pressure to crack IIT-JEE. And even before that scene in the movie, I had already started crying. I knew something wrong was going to happen...

3 idiots, the movie, had slight resemblance to both Munnabhai MBBS and Taare Zameen Par. It was clear that it was born out of the merger of two brains Hirani-Khan. Remember the scene when Munna asks the teachers some basic questions and in return leaving them flustered? And remember that scene when the hindi teacher asks Ishaan Awasthi to explain a 'kavita'?

The best thing about 3 idiots is that it does both, conveys a message to the public and entertains them, without compromising on either. Of course there are flaws, but I won't mention them because I don't want to reveal anything about the movie.

All of us would have met a Chatur, or a Suhas, or a ViruS in our lives. We think we could have done without them, but it is people like them who make you look back at the past and share a laughter with your Farhans and Rajus. I have met not one but many Ranchos, who have taught me to live and be happy. I wish I was Rancho too. But then who would play the role of Farhan and Raju? They are important too :)

I have been singing "Aal izz well..." since yesterday. And "Saari umr hum, mar mar ke jee liye, ab to ek pal jeene do...". And "Behti hawa sa tha woh...". And "Zoobi doobi...". Oh! That includes almost all the songs.

Strive for excellence and success will automatically come to you (jhak maar ke). This seems to be the formula of Aamir Khan. I love him. :)


Koffee beanzz said…
Saggi! Its running housefull! I still havent been able to watch it!
Shaziaji, one can't help but notice the inspiration from "5. someone" though. But all in all, helluva movie
Archon said…
I watched it in NY, nice......
I agree with you completely. Except, if you ask around, i am sure u will realize that u have also been a 'rancho' to many of them.. :)
Shazia said…
@ D2
You are right. It has the same backbone and similar plots and that is what started that Chetan Bhagat controversy. Anyway i enjoyed the movie and will go for a second watch sometime soon.

@ Arka
May be, but I am not so sure :)
I have been like Raju and Farhan most of the time.

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