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Finally I am writing about the movie I waited for so long. It took so much time because I was searching for a decent photograph of my hero :). Of course that's not the case. First of all I managed to watch the movie on 25th itself. How that happened is a very big story which i am not going to write here but it was a big adventure in a strange city. Had i been in Bombay, I would have watched the preview on 24th. So, my record didn't break. Just that instead of first show, I saw the second show of the movie.

The peak of joy was getting the tickets and then with every scene the joy diminished. :(

If Aamir Khan accepts a movie, there is a certain kind of expectation from it. This one was completely disappointing. It is a complete 'masala-movie' for the regular brainless-movie-goer. Why did he do this? It is not that the Tamil version was so great that he got tempted to do the remake.

No point talking about the story here. I think everybody knows this "revenge saga of a man suffering from anterograde amnesia". Instead I will talk about the highs and lows of Ghajini.

Is that just short-term-memory loss?: The gestures of the main protagonist Mr Sanjay Singhania after the accident suggest that apart from the special kind of memory loss he also suffers from some kind of psychotic disorder. In certain scenes he looks more menacing than Ghajini himself who looks like a sadak-chhaap-gunda.

The MD of Airvoice Mobile Company and his love-story : This is the only part of the movie which I kind of enjoyed. It had both comedy and romance. The love story was a bit unusual but compared to the other blunders in the movie it seems believable. Mr Singhania was truly a hard working businessman. He managed his work and his love life quite well. And to switch between the roles of the billionare and the common man, he just needed to take off his coat and travel by an auto. But he forgets to relevant things like carrying cash and ends up offering his credit card to a paani-puri waala.

This part is very similar to the first half of Jab We Met, in which the dejected with life and dumped by girl friend business tycoon meets a chirpy, bubbly girl from a humble background who lives life on her own terms and takes joy in small things. The guy gets transformed, in other words more human. The same happens to Mr Singhania, who after falling in love with Kalpana lets himself loose and gives way to all his repressed emotions in the form of 6 different hairstyles in the Behka song.

The role of Police: The only hard-working and responsible police officer gets killed early in the movie. The guy manages to catch the murderer within a day or two after getting some tips from an observant bus conductor. Unfortunately the transformed gym-goer Mr Singhania manage to break free and pack Mr Police Officer in a cupboard in his Hiranandani flat. Later Mr Officer is rescued by Ms Sunita, a curious medical student. What happens next is the most believable scene in the movie for which I would like to congratulate Mr Murugados. The first thing Mr Officer does after being released is drink loads of water reiterating the fact that he is a normal human being.

Later in the movie we see that the police is completely absent from the site of action. They didn't want to get involved in this complicated revenge saga. Neither do they investigate or manage to catch Kalpana's killers nor do they look for Mr. Ghajini's killer as we clearly see Mr Singhania sitting peacefully on a chair, gazing at the mountains from Aamir Khan's Panchgani home at the end of the movie.

3 things that need to be explained:

1) Why did the police officer run away when suddenly Sanjay Singhania returns to his flat?

2) Why did Ghajini and his bunch of goons suddenly come to the basement parking area when the former was supposed to be attending the college program? The Lattoo song was being played in the background when the action was taking place in the basement. So all this must have happened within the span of 5-10 minutes.

3) How come Sanjay Singhania's doctors, lawyers and manager failed to see the scribbles on the walls of Singhania's flat when they get the unconcsious Singhania from the police station to the flat?

Inspite of all this I did like a few scenes from the movie. And they are...

The song "Kaise mujhe tum mil gayin..." is well picturised. As always Aamir Khan performs best without even saying a word. Whatever he is thinking can be read from his face and his eyes. The way he says "Kya tum bhi..." before departing from Kalpana is so reassuring that he is there for the woman he loves and there is nothing to be scared of.

The idea of the foot imprints on the cement was really cute. I would like to do something like that, some day :)

Asin acted well in the whole sequence when she is hiding from the killers, then makes frantic calls to Sanjay and then prays that he doesn't leave when the doorbell is not answered by her till she gets killed in that brutal manner. The scene shook me.

The scene in the climax when Sanjay is about to take the revenge on Ghajini. He is reminded of the day when Kalpana was killed. He is weeping and looking for an appropriate tool to kill Ghajini with. He rejects some after giving a thought. It looks as if he wants to inflict maximum pain in the process of killing and the best way to avenge Kalpana's death was to kill Ghajini in the same manner. For me that is the best scene of the movie as far as my hero's acting is concerned.

The year-long wait got over. And another begins... Waiting for Kiran Rao's Dhobi Ghat and Raju Hirani's 3 Idiots.


Angika said…
It is NOT a disaster! What is wrong with you! I can't possibly love Aamir Khan more crazily than you?!
SagittalSection said…
I love him but i also have huge expectations from him yaar. And he didnt live upto it this time. :(
JC said…
sach kaha.. my best scene of the movie was when asin was killed.. i only liked that bit of her acting.. AK was not very good.. after TZP, i expected him to do something even better.. anyways, aage dekhte hai.. its not jeet, shilpy here.. miss u lots..
abhay said…
One more flaw... for half an hour of chase and fight sequel, AK never lost his memory. That was contradictory to the concept of the movie.

Pooja' said Singhania with smile. A hard to beleive scene. I expected him to be in rehabilitation center rather than playing with kids.

I liked Aamir's part with Asin. that was indeed the best part of the movie.

After seeing memento and ghajini I realised that I should not have watched memento before hand. I couldnot enjoy ghajini at all.

And one more thing this is one of the few movies where movie is named after the villain.
SagittalSection said…
AB, even i saw Memento few months back and at that moment i knew that i would never like Ghajini. After all it is a HINDI movie and more than that it is a remake of a TAMIL movie, which even makes it worse.

I am glad you didnt like it too, Shilpy and Jeet.

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