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The broken vase

She loved flowers. She saw them as a bunch of smiles, an inspiration to live, untouched by worldly worries. A flower knows that it is going to wither away in finite time. But we cannot make out from its vibrant colors that it knows that. There lies its greatness. It teaches us to live today to the fullest. She simply loved flowers.

Is there a way to preserve the beauty of a flower? She kept on thinking and searching a way to do this impossible task. Then one day, a day which seemed special beginning with the way the first ray of sun struck the earth, she found a magic vase.Flowers kept in this vase will never wither.

She began keeping her favourite flowers in this magic vase. It turned out to be true. The vase preserved the beauty of the flowers. It seemed like a dream. No, it was not a dream. She lived those moments. The eversmiling scented flowers blooming in her own room on her bedside, from day to night. They gave her life a new vigour. She and the flowers became one and the same. T…

Hum chale phir us mod, us gali...

Going home after a year.

Before that i will be spending some time at JNU with few of my friends and seniors.

I m excited about so many things. Traveling (i love all comfortable modes of transport). Meeting old friends after 2 years. Meeting family.

Somehow i m getting this feeling that it's not meeting people which i m excited about. I m more eager to be at the place where i stayed 4 years back. Woh tedhe medhe raaste, woh pathreeli pagdandi, woh dhaaba, woh seedhiyan, aur woh mera kamra, chhota magar pyaara sa...


Why m i thinking about those inanimate things? May be i expect that they would not have changed as much as i have changed in all these years.

People change.

But do places also change (in absence of any physical re-construction)?

Will i get the same emotions when i reach there? Less likely, but let me see.

I hope this short vacation does any good to me. I hope i come back with a few good memories.