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Can a "Happy Single" become a part of a "Happy Couple"?

After 29 years of being alive and 11 years of living away from home I wonder whether I will be able to give up the singledom I have been enjoying so far and get married?

What does 'enjoying singledom' mean?
Coming back from work anytime I feel like.Eating what I want to eat. If I feel like cooking I cook. If i don't feel like, I don't.Doing what I want to do in spare time. Read a novel. Go for a movie. Go for a stroll. Go shopping. Or just sleep for hours.Spend my money the way I want to. On myself or my loved ones.Wear what I like or what I feel suits me. My room is 'my space'. Once I shut the door, I am cut-off from the 'outside world'. The 'outside world' can influence 'my space' only with my permission. If I feel like staying alone, I lock myself in my room for hours and days. If I don't feel like talking, I can do that.The list can be lengthened more. In a nutshell, enjoying singledom means 'doing what I feel like, whenever I …

Black and White

A late review.

Of late I have been very busy with several things happening at the same time. Couldn't take time off to watch this movie. And after watching it I didn't get time to write about it.

The first and the foremost reason to write this 'late review' ( i skipped writing about Jab We Met and Aaja Nachle because I could not write the draft in the first week) is the newcomer Anurag Sinha. But i will come to it later :)

Has Subhash Ghai made "Black and White"? Then who made "Yaadein" and "Kisna"? Forget it... I wont say that 'Black and White' is an excellent movie or a hat-ke type movie. But it does offer something new. After such a long time I heard actors speaking good Urdu. All actors, major or minor, spoke the language as it is spoken. I remember Rani Mukherji in Veer Zaara. She couldn't even pronounce her name in the movie correctly. It was a treat watching and listening to theatre actor Habib Tanvir after such a long tim…