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Good to Great by Jim Collins: A Review

In the last 8 months, after I joined this new job, there have been many changes in my life. One of them is exposure to a completely different genre of writing which mainly includes books on corporate culture. I would not say that this shift was easy, but I have started to enjoy and also learn from them. I am sure I would have never chosen to read these books have I not entered this new world. I am glad I did.
Good to Great is the product of a research conducted by Jim Collins and his team to identify the reasons behind the success of some companies over the others. The book begins with the statement—‘Good is the enemy of great’—which is one of the most important take-home messages. The author comes to this conclusion by monitoring the overall growth of 11 good-to-great companies, which were selected from a bigger set of 1,435 companies, and by comparing them with 11 other companies that were in the same industry, had same opportunities, and similar resources but failed to transform in…