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"History cannot be changed but Geography can be"

Day 0: They decided to separate. Though life would never be the same, the decision was taken. But they maintained contact. Can "lovers" stay as "friends"? They found the answer after a few days.

For a few days: They tried to remain as "friends". But its not easy to switch relations. You can always move ahead in a relationship, but if you turn back, you cannot take ten steps back and "convert" lovers into friends. In love, you follow the all or none law. Being "just friends" is too difficult (i wont say it is impossible).

Some Day to Day 102: He wanted her back in his life not only as a "friend" but as a "lover and friend". How did he manage to change his mind? Has he realized something which she has missed? Can such decisions be taken in a haste? She was not prepared for it. Will this relation stay forever? Will things come back to normal? She kept on wondering...

Day 103: She took a major decision. They will break all…