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Peepli Live

It is so much easier to write a bad review for a lousy film. Peepli Live left me speechless in the end. I was laughing all through it. But towards the end the tragedy hit me. Surprisingly the audience seemed very sensible.  I guess only those who were really interested and curious to know about Natha and the misfortune that struck his family came to the theatres in spite of the city having increasing numbers of swine flu cases.

Peepli Live is the story of a farmer who is compelled to end his life to claim the remuneration from the government to repay the loans and save his piece of land. The way the idea of suicide is planted in his head and the way he becomes the silent spectator of the whole political and media generated hullabaloo is the primary story. The secondary plots comprise of an Amma mouthing choicest gaalis to her Bahu, Natha's wife, the bond between the brothers Budhiya and Natha, the story of alocal correspondent of Peepli who wants to make it big in the world of tele…


A story-less fashion parade. And what a waste of Abhay Deol.

However, I must stay that all the actors specially Sonam Kapoor were very stylishly presented (except one or two hair-dos). The movie is a pretty collage of trendy dresses, flowers and accessories. It would have been better if 'Aisha' was a coffee table book instead of a movie. Really. The story could have been wrapped up in less than 90 mins. There was no need of a Dhruv or Aarti (or Anita...i don't remember) to add to the length of the movie.

Sonam Kapoor is capable of showing only two expressions, :) and :(. And  juggles between these two throughout. In all scenes when she is with her friends she is like :) and whenever Abhay Deol, her major critic, is in the vicinity she goes :(. And this keeps on happening till the end. At the end of the movie we know who Aisha is but we don't know why she is the way she is. The audience doesn't get access to the head of this character on which the whole movie is ba…

Jungle hai aadhi raat hai...lagne laga hai darr

Remember this?

I am back in the land where Ashoka embraced Buddhism after killing thousands. I am not sure whether I will embrace Buddhism but i might end up killing a thousands. Not people, but bugs.

The first time I took bath, marked the end of life of a cockroach and a couple of ants and spiders. This year I am more prepared. :)

The room in which I am staying is adjacent to the one stayed in last year. So, I get to use the same bathroom. It made me feel at home. I even found the remains of the agarbattis I had lit last year. Who else would light agarbattis in bathroom?

The moment I got down the train on sunday morning, I was shocked by the grand welcome provided by two of my friends here. Within 30 seconds of touching the grounds, a coconut was cracked at my feet and then there were garlands... (I swear that happened!). And it left me speechless and embarrassed. Very sweet of them.

The city looks the same. Just that this time I am not feeling lost here. I know where to go to buy st…