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Jungle hai aadhi raat hai...lagne laga hai darr

Remember this?

I am back in the land where Ashoka embraced Buddhism after killing thousands. I am not sure whether I will embrace Buddhism but i might end up killing a thousands. Not people, but bugs.

The first time I took bath, marked the end of life of a cockroach and a couple of ants and spiders. This year I am more prepared. :)

The room in which I am staying is adjacent to the one stayed in last year. So, I get to use the same bathroom. It made me feel at home. I even found the remains of the agarbattis I had lit last year. Who else would light agarbattis in bathroom?

The moment I got down the train on sunday morning, I was shocked by the grand welcome provided by two of my friends here. Within 30 seconds of touching the grounds, a coconut was cracked at my feet and then there were garlands... (I swear that happened!). And it left me speechless and embarrassed. Very sweet of them.

The city looks the same. Just that this time I am not feeling lost here. I know where to go to buy stuff and where to roam around. Actually I am feeling good here. Except that I am missing my friends back in Mumbai...some of them won't be around when I get back . I keep thinking of you :(

The institute where I am working has restricted access to all social networking sites and any other sites which carry the term 'Blog'. After suffering for 5 days I managed to get a net connection of my own. And I am back. Will keep posting my adventures from this corner of India.

It's raining like hell here. And I am not liking it.


Koffee beanzz said…
I liked the welcome part! Wow! :)
Wali Khan said…
Glad u r back, i hope the connection is working fine!!!
sujaan said…
aww shazia ji, such a cute post... made me smile... i'll also get coconuts for you when you come to calcutta...
Shazia said…
@ Binny: I really got the shock of my life. But I felt good too :)

@ Wali: The connection is fine. I can live with it.

@ Sujaan: Thank you Suzie. But please don't do that. A welcome hug will be greater than that. :)
Bhargava Ram said…
Whom are you missing? ;)

And what about caramel popcorn?
Shazia said…
@ Bhargava: All those who are being missed, know. :)
And I will kill you for reminding me of caramel popcorn. :(
AK said…
aaj ham yeh wada karthey hein ki agli bar jab ham milenge, ham aapko ake nariyal bhent karenge
AK said…
How dare an institute restricts the creative bent of my friend!!!

Jab thak suraj chand rahega
Tab tak yeh blogger likhta rahega
Shazia said…
@ Arun

You are so sweet. :)
And one nariyal won't do. Haven't seen you in almost 16 years and God knows when we will meet. So, you better be more prepared.
And thanks for promoting this blogger and the blog. :)

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