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The fuzzy, dynamic space around us

Have you heard of the inner circle-outer circle analysis? I remember being made to do this analysis in one of the moral education classes in school. First, you are asked to draw two concentric circles and write "ME" in the center. Then, in the inner circle you write the names of those who you are (or you feel) closest to and in the outer circle you put down the names of your second-level associations, which may include extended family members, cousins, friends, or whoever you think are more than just acquaintances but cannot be included in the inner circle. I can't recall what was the point of this exercise. May be we were being told to form close associations with only a bunch of people and have some restrictions before letting anyone enter our inner circle. I had a problem doing this exercise then and I am still unable to put names on an axis of zero to infinite emotional bonding.

Something prompted me to rethink about this analysis and it has been clouding my thought…