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P0 (read as 'P zero'): There's more to it...

I was crossing the corridor of Dept of Astronomy and Astrophysics, when i heard "P zero is not the....". I stood there for a fraction of second thinking whether what i heard was right. So, somebody else at TIFR has something to do with P zero. And more than that, me and my labmates have been unaware of this fact. The main focus of our lab lies in the studies related to the P0 protein of the malarial parasite. Is there a secret group at TIFR trying to move ahead of us? On second thought, it didnt seem plausible enough. 'Astrophysicists and P0 protein of Plasmodium', a rather odd combination. Thank God! We are safe.
I came back to lab and googled for P0 and found really funny (to us) and diverse definitions that i would like to share.
1) Pzero is a low-carbon power management company based in UK. Pzero stands for 'power with zero emission'. The company delivers low-carbon power solutions to industries and communities. (Good Work!)
2) P zero is a Italian tyre comp…

Is life only a struggle?

Struggle - From a poem by Ellen P.

Great strength is brought with pain,
From out the
From out the storms that sweep
The human soul-
Those hidden
Of the inner life-
Comes forth the lofty calm

Peace after war. Although
The heart may be
And plowed like a torn battle field,
Rich are the fruits that
follow victory,
And the battle grounds
The fullest harvests yield.

Is there going to be one such day when we wont be worried about tomorrow? It may not be. But the least one can ask for, is a ray of hope. 'A' has been applying for PhD in research institutes in India and abroad for several years without any success. Life is at a standstill. The other major decisions of life can wait till he gets a permanent job and starts earning.'B' is now in 5th year of her PhD. She has been repeating the same experiements for the past 1 and a half years. Only work she can document today is the million reasons why her experiments were terminated half way through. …


Why am i so lazy? Most of the time i just feel like sitting quietly in a secluded corner of the lab or the institute or my room doing 'nothing'. I cant even count the number of jobs (both professional and personal) which have been pending for a while now.

One such job has been pending since past one year (i m ashamed of myself). Last year i went to Goa for attending a workshop. I carried a friend's digital camera and took million photographs. Since past one year people have been constantly begging me to send their photographs to them. And here i m doing 'nothing'. And i call myself responsible.

If i start making a list of such jobs (forget experiments) it will fill at least 10 A4 size sheets (typed on single side, font size 12, 1 1/2 spacing). I wont do that. I will just finish all pending jobs, one by one before the end of July and save people from reading boring stuff. I m aware that now the number of people visiting my blog has increased. Thanks to a few friends a…