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Is life only a struggle?

Struggle - From a poem by Ellen P.

Great strength is brought with pain,
From out the
From out the storms that sweep
The human soul-
Those hidden
Of the inner life-
Comes forth the lofty calm

Peace after war. Although
The heart may be
And plowed like a torn battle field,
Rich are the fruits that
follow victory,
And the battle grounds
The fullest harvests yield.

Is there going to be one such day when we wont be worried about tomorrow? It may not be. But the least one can ask for, is a ray of hope.

'A' has been applying for PhD in research institutes in India and abroad for several years without any success. Life is at a standstill. The other major decisions of life can wait till he gets a permanent job and starts earning.

'B' is now in 5th year of her PhD. She has been repeating the same experiements for the past 1 and a half years. Only work she can document today is the million reasons why her experiments were terminated half way through. Any publication so far? Forget it.

'C' has got a 3 month extension post-sixth year of PhD. Is that good or bad? A first author publication- No. Experiments- Still underway. An about to be finished thesis- Far from reality. A post-doc position- Still not sure. A cooperative guide- Does not exist.

Life is miserable for most of the people around me. I should own that mine is not that bad compared to that of others.

Can everything be put at the right place magically?

I wish...


Ashish said…
life should be a struggle otherwise there is no reason for living just because we do not die. and always remember that things are never as bad as they look like.

let a new day begin...
AK said…
hmmm ..... so true, ups and downs of life .... ride the waves, thats what I try to do :) ..........BTW it does not work all the time and that is where friends come in.
Nepali Akash said…
Can we have a link exchange?
sagitalsection said…
@ ashish
I know all this is part of life. there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, just that sometimes the tunnel is too long.

Life minus Friends is equal to zero. :)

What do u mean by "link exchange"?

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