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A love story !

I had been thinking to write about this love-story for the past one week but somehow could not manage to fit it into my current schedule. Today I happened to watch “Little Manhattan” at the request of a friend and the memories of those days became afresh.

I was in 4th grade then. I won’t call myself an all-rounder, but I was quite good at studies as well as in extra-curricular activities. I remember participating in 3 different song and dance programs in the Annual Function of our school. Due to shortage of time in between those programs, I even had to change my dress at backstage with two boys of my class holding a sheet so that it doesn’t become a free show for the public. Those were the days when I didn’t feel any different from the ‘boys’. Actually, most of my close friends have always been boys.

As far as class rankings were concerned, the position holders remained more or less the same. Pats being 1st, Kash always came second. There was competition for the 3rd position between Mad…

I wish...

I had been asked by my guide to design a set of primers to amplify a portion of TLR7. The primers should contain a suitable restriction site apart from meeting all the basic requirements. The job hardly seems tough to me now, but in my second year of M.Sc. when I first got a taste of research, it made me think a little.

One of those days, I was climbing down the stairs of SLS (School of Life Sciences), completely frustrated as internet server was down. I could hear two of my seniors, Faisal and Sanjay, coming behind me but I decided not to turn back as I didn’t feel like talking to anybody. And more because I wanted to avoid talking to Faisal Sir, (I used to call him ‘Sir’ since he was 4-5 years senior to me) who was famous for his cheerful nature, and used to tease me for several things. But my attempts to escape turned out to be futile as he called out my name. I ignored at first, but then decided to stop. Both he and Sanjay joined me and Faisal sir asked why was I running away. I to…