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Of lizards, cockroaches, ants and many more...

I step into the bathroom. Skip a few steps. And then it is time to turn on the shower.
Swooooooshhhh..... Water pours down forcefully. Things are fine for a few moments. I keep an eye on the two lizards which seem to be conspiring in a corner. Any movement on their part might require shifting of my clothes hanging on the small hook on the same wall.
Suddenly two cockroaches appear from somewhere and they decide to fly in randomness. And one of them manages to settle on my body (don't ask me where), which is followed by a lot of jumping and shrieking. Things are back to normal.
Day 2. There is only one lizard today. The spiders seem to be happily sleeping. Some harmless ants are crawling in the corner. Who cares about them. No cockroaches in view. I smile. After a while I feel something crawling on my foot. It was a centipede-like-thing. More shrieking and jumping. Things back to normal (almost). I turn off the shower and grab my towel. This time there was something crawling down my…

Love Aaj Kal

Managed to catch the 'premier' show of Love Aaj Kal in the new city which is my temporary work-place for a few days. The crowd mainly comprised of college-going-youngsters which contributed to a hell lot of enthusiasm and noise in the theatre.
The first half of the movie when the story was developing, seemed to be promising but the second half is so bad that I don't even have appropriate words to descibe my disappointment. Saif has lost his famous 'comic-touch'. And he doesn't look great. And it is apparent that he did this movie half-heartedly. Or may be it is because he was more into the job of 'producing' this movie. Deepika Padukone looked fine and acted ok too... May be i didnt expect much from her anyway. The character she played in 'Love Aaj Kal' seemed like a off-shoot of her character in 'Bachna Ae Haseeno'. Amongst the few things which I liked in the movie were the songs- "Ye dooriyan...", "We Twist" and &quo…

Did it all...while I was there.

Rocks. Gazing at the sea and feeling the breeze on my face.
Colaba. Shopping. Plain-salted corn. BEST bus. Window seat. Music playing in my ears. Walking in rain from the bus-stop to the institute.
Colonnade. Me and "my mice". Wind trying to blow us off.
A movie. Alone but not lonely. 9pm-12am.
Friends. Smiles. Hugs.
Long-intellectual-talks-before-going-to-bed with Buddy.
Last but most important. Thesis. Submitted.

Rain Rain...please stay...

...I will be there soon.

I have just been reading about the rains this year. Since the day I have landed in Bangalore, the rain-gods have moved away.

So, in search of rain I am moving to the city I love, hoping to feel some rain drops on my face and listen to that sound made by wet-rubber slippers. And I want to use my new umbrella too... And I want to look at the billowing sea... And I want to be blown away by the wind while walking through the colonnade... And...the list is endless.

These are the only drops of rain I have seen in this season

P.S. And finally it rained here today :)

Wimbledon and old memories...

Roger Federer won the Wimbledon final against Andy Roddick, this being his 15th Grand-slam title and a record in the history of tennis. It was after years that I sat through a tennis match and realized how much I used to enjoy watching it once upon a time...around 20 years back.

I was introduced to tennis by a friend of mine who was a die hard fan of Steffi Graf. Actually I have never come across a single tennis fan who doesn't like Steffi Graf. I am not an expert to comment on her gaming techniques, but I used to love watching her play and win. I remember her losing only to Martina Navratilova.

Amongst all the other tennis grand-slams Wimbledon holds a special place. I remember following Wimbledon matches every year during the first week of July, which used to be the time of beginning of new session in school. There was one women's singles final between Steffi Graf and Jana Novotna which i still remember and I can recall how much the latter cried during the prize distribution c…

Nothing is simple

There are at least 2 reasons/explanations for every action of ours or others, good or bad. One of them is visible superficially and can be the truth sometimes but not always...
To keep life simple, it is better to accept this one.

Allergic to this city

After 2 weeks and 20 cetrizine (and similar) tablets I have come to this conclusion that this city doesn't like me and I don't like it either. I thank my stars that despite all my prayers (6 years back) I did not get selected in either of the 2 institutes in this city. Bombay....I love you!

I hate it.