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Aankhon ki gustakhiyaan...maaf ho

Lovely song. There is something very sweet about the way the lovers are communicating by 'using the eyes only' in the midst of a big family function.

Why I remembered this song today is far from the reason for loving it. I have got an irritating eye infection which might be allergic or viral and it is supposed to be contagious. I am scared that I might transmit it to other unsuspecting people around me. My buddy's eye was aching this evening. Of all people, I don't want to give it to her. So, I am trying to stay away from humans for the sake of humanity. :)

In case I do manage to pass the virus to somebody, please accept my sincere apology. And enjoy this song which talks about other kind of 'gustakhiyaan' of the 'aankhen'.

Almost Single

That is the book I recently read and not my current 'relationship-status'. For the latter, I will have to replace 'almost' with 'completely'. :)

Though the tone of the book is comic it deals with a serious problem of dearth of eligible men for thirty-something-working-women-in-metros. Trust me it is a serious problem. Advaita Kala successfully weaves a believable story of 3 such women and characters around them, at work and at home.

The first fifty pages seemed like just any Mills & Boon story. I have read 2 and a half and another half of MB to know this. The girl, single and ready to mingle. Enter the guy, rich, snob, and mysterious. The chemistry begins with a kind of discomfort and then leads to an inexplanable attraction. Surprisingly at the moment I was wondering why the author has written an MB in an indian context, she apologised for the turn of events in the main protagonist's life for being very Mills and Boon-ish. I liked that.

Other characters…

Few pics of 14th evening :)

Pictures: Courtesy Suman K. Guha.

Thanks a lot Suman :)

My best Valentine's Day ever....

It is not that I believe in a 'special day' dedicated to love. I am basically a romantic at heart so any or every day is fine by me. But this year it was different. I got to see my latest 'crush' or 'heart-throb' or whatever you may call it.

Its him... ...and unfortunately there were just too many (way more than too many, actually) people around, so I could not grab all his attention. Its ok...I can live with this. I was telling my friend about this latest development and I asked her if it was abnormal that I am getting such 'teenage-type-crushes' at this age and she confidently told me that it is completely 'normal'. So, I am happy... :)

The Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy Concert at the Kala Ghoda Festival was really good. It was the first time I attended an event like this and I enjoyed a lot. My buddy had told me 10 days back that Farhan Akhtar is going to perform Live this year. She read it somewhere and then we could not relocate the source. So we conclud…

Devender, Parminder and Chanda

After watching Dev D. my blood-movie level is going to be high for a long time. It had been a long time since I saw a movie which does not take the viewer's intelligence for granted. I loved this one. I was a little apprehensive before watching it since the media was calling it "a sexed-up version of the original Devdas". But I sat through it without flinching even once.

Replace 'love' with 'lust'/'sex' and rest of the story is same (almost). And this new version is more easy to understand. This time the reason for the separation of Dev and Paro is not family or the rich-and-poor-divide but the ego clash between the male and the female sexuality. If the male does it, it bears no significance but if the female loses it, she is a 'slut'. When Dev realises that there was more to his relation with Paro, she is married and happy. The late realization drives him to self-destruction. He meets Chanda/Lenny, a russian hooker. He hates her and she f…

Last week...

Last week was near perfect. 2 movies. Dance class thrice in the week. Dinner at a friend's place. Visit from another dear friend. A new technique which seemed to have worked in my hands. And an improvement in my sleep-wake schedule.

Since the day I have returned from Pune, my whole routine is changed. I have started sleeping early and getting up early too. I am feeling good about it and hope to retain this habit. The only thing I am missing because of this is blogging. Mostly I used to write my posts late night or early morning while struggling to fall asleep. But now, sleep comes uninvited around 10:30-11:00 and I am dead by 12. Tonight is an exception, so i decided to write this post.

Saw two movies last week. Luck by chance and Slumdog Millionare. I didn't like the latter. Will write about it in the next post. As far as the former is concerned, I am in love with Farhan Akhtar. The movie is not great but I really like the guy. I have still not seen Rock On. Will do that when …