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Last week...

Last week was near perfect. 2 movies. Dance class thrice in the week. Dinner at a friend's place. Visit from another dear friend. A new technique which seemed to have worked in my hands. And an improvement in my sleep-wake schedule.

Since the day I have returned from Pune, my whole routine is changed. I have started sleeping early and getting up early too. I am feeling good about it and hope to retain this habit. The only thing I am missing because of this is blogging. Mostly I used to write my posts late night or early morning while struggling to fall asleep. But now, sleep comes uninvited around 10:30-11:00 and I am dead by 12. Tonight is an exception, so i decided to write this post.

Saw two movies last week. Luck by chance and Slumdog Millionare. I didn't like the latter. Will write about it in the next post. As far as the former is concerned, I am in love with Farhan Akhtar. The movie is not great but I really like the guy. I have still not seen Rock On. Will do that when i get some time.

Another thing which made me happy last week was that after struggling 2-3 times I managed to make upma finally. I love upma and now I can make it myself. The picture below proves it. Just that it was a little too salty, so I have to adjust that from next time onwards.

Now the reason why I am still awake tonight. My throat has been paining on and off for the past one week and I tried my best to control it by gargling etc. Now it is out of control and looks like a full-fledged infection and I am down with fever and body ache. I hate it :(

All good things are followed by not so good ones and vice versa.


Aditya said…
U liked "Luck by chance" and didnt like "slumdog millionaire"...???????????
shilpy said…
kya shaz.. phir tabiyat kharaab?? oops.. i loved both the movies.. bahut dino ke baad mjumbai diha, may be isliye.. and yes, rock on dekhna zaroor.. dont miss it.. i loved the three completely..
sujaan said…
ya i also dint find slumdog all that great...liked luck by chance...hope u get well soon... :) and stick to the routine... :)
JC said…
the only thing i din't like about slumdog was that i was watching the bad part of mumbai/India, which I know is true but is not the only part, but i guess as per movie's theme they couldn't afford to show the "colaba causeway"....
SagittalSection said…
@ Aditya
I didn't find Slumdog impressive at all. Sach mein...And it has nothing to do with "projecting the unflattering face of India on the global front". Luck by Chance had Farhan Akhtar :).

@ Shilpy and Jeet

Tabiyat ka to chalta rehta hai yaar. Tum Dev D. dekhna aur batana kaisi lagi. Mujhe time aur motivation nahi mil raha Slumdog ke baare mein likhne ka. Aur Luck by Chance ke baare mein nahi likh rahe kyunki hum ko maloom hai ki hum sirf Farhan Akhtar ke baare mein hi blabber karenge. He is my latest crush :)

@ Sujaan
Dev D. jaake dekho. Bahot badhiya hai.

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