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How I saw 'Lagaan'

"When can I submit my answer sheet?" I asked the invigilator in the examination hall. First he gave me a look as if saying "I can see on your stupid face that you don't know anything and will never qualify this exam". Finally after a pause he said "Not before 11:00 hrs, madam". It was just 10:25 and that meant I had to wait for full 35 mins. I decided to flip through the question paper and recheck all the answers I had marked. Then I looked at the watch and it said 10:45. The thought ran through my mind "Oh my God! How will I get the tickets?"

I was in Aligarh on that day, which was 21st or 22nd June 2001, the release date of 'Lagaan'. The reason for my being in Aligarh was the All India Entrance Examination for M.Sc. (Biotechnology). Giving company to me was my poor brother who was sitting somewhere in the University campus while I was answering and re-answering the question paper. I had full confidence that no matter how well I do…

Kati patang

Even before watching 'Kites' I had thought of this title for my blog post. I am happy I didn't have to think of a new title after the end credits started rolling.

The question which kept coming back to my head every 5-10 mins was "WHY???"

Spoilers Ahead!

An Indian man making money by all wrong means in Las Vegas with dreams of hitting the jackpot someday. His prayers are answered when the daughter of a millionaire (or a billionaire) falls for him and he pretends to reciprocate. Only till he finds 'love' in the fiance of his girl-friend's brother (It's complicated!!!). And why do they still call it 'love'??? Anyway... they had no other choice but to elope. And there begins a long chase in train, cars, trucks, lorries, motorbike, and even a hot-air balloon. At the end of this whole chase half of the policemen of the Las Vegas Police Department and the Indo-Mexican couple is dead. And then comes the part which always irritates me....the souls…

Ajmal Kasab's death sentence and Indian Muslims

Finally the judgment is out. The man was proven guilty of murder of more than 50 people on the ill fated night of 26th Nov 2008. That was the least which he deserved.

The next morning when I picked up the newspaper from the door step I could not help but notice the subtleties in the picture on the front page. It showed muslim men celebrating the verdict. It seemed to me a deliberate attempt to showcase to the country (and to the world) the patriotism of an average Indian Muslim. I have been wondering about the reasons why this needs to be done.

Then, today I stumbled upon this article "Why can't Rahim behave like Ram or Robert?"

It speaks out some of my thoughts.

Hardly wonderful

(A quick post for the sake of humanity)

I have never seen such a crap in the name of India and Indian wedding before.

Stay away from this one if you love yourself.

P.S. The only tolerable thing about this movie is Sendhil Ramamurthy.