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Aligning the chaotic mess

An iron needle is the simplest object which can be converted into a magnet. The atoms in this needle is arranged to form small domains which are small magnets. Before the needle becomes a magnet, the domains in its structures are chaotically arranged and point in all directions. When this needle is subjected to a strong magnetic field the domains swing and point in the direction of the magnetic field. When all or most of the domains get aligned in similar way, the 'ordinary needle' becomes a 'magnetic needle'.

Chaos is seldom productive. It needs to be cleared and arranged/aligned. This is done at various points of our lives. Our parents teach us how to keep ourselves clean and tidy, how to keep our room and work place tidy. Teachers instruct us during lectures so that anything which is half understood or not understood gets in the head clearly, the way it should be. There are so many 'special magnets' around us which help us in aligning our thoughts and chaneli…

They make the idea called 'love' beautiful...

It's not the valentine's day fever (or is it?) which makes me think of 'love' today.

I m a romantic no matter what time of the year it is. And just like many others I associate this feeling with a few songs. These are my 10 favourite songs. Each of them special for a different reason. Would love to hear somebody special sing at least one of them for me. (Sigh! Will it ever happen?)

1. Dum bhar jo udhar munh phere (Awara 1951)

The song signifies playful boldness between two lovers. The lovers, a 'good' girl and a 'not-so-good' guy and the attraction between them is apparent in the song. The girl is aware that the guys character has a certain level of unreliability and insensitivity so she expresses her vulnerability and requests him to take care of her feelings. The guy at the same time may be feels some pride that such a girl has fallen for him. A perfect example of 'opposites attract'.

2. Jalte hain jiske liye (Sujata 1959)

A perfect way of expressi…


That day I was walking past a desert. Nothing except huge sand dunes was in view. I still kept on walking. I tried to remember how I reached there. I couldn't. I started walking with my eyes shut. It was then that I sensed a sweet fragrance. I was startled. I know this smell. When and where did I smell it first? Before I could realize, i felt a cool breeze stroking my hair. The breeze was carrying the familiar fragrance.

For a moment I stood still with my eyes shut. I felt the breeze gently carressing me. Then an unknown pain engulfed me. And I started bleeding from the tip of my fingers. I was crying as well. It continued till eternity. The pain started to diminish.

I opened my eyes.

I was standing under the blue sky, facing the ocean. Near my feet i saw a new-born baby. It was me, wrapped in a thick white cloud. Now, the cloud was emanating the sweet fragrance. I lifted myself and stared in my eyes. They were innocent and untouched by any worldly evil. I said a prayer.

I stepped int…

It was your day...

Hari....sorry Dr. P. Hari Kumar, this post is dedicated to you.
I know how long you must have been waiting for this day. Finally it's over and you can move to the next stage of your life. I am really happy for you. You know this happiness is much, much more than the pain of you leaving TIFR and all of us.

Apart from my batchmates who joined the institute with me, you have been my longest if not the closest association here. The innumerable nights before my seminars when i used to get panic attacks, i remember Monika and you sitting with me. I remember the night before my project 2 seminar (which i flunked :)) when we were sitting in the library and discussing my project and the lack of clarity in it. For a presentation as petty as journal club I required Monika and you. I have learnt so much from you in the past 4 and a half years. It's going to be tough to stay in the department without you.
Even if i was not the 'regular' gang member at east canteen, or mac, or BEST, t…