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They make the idea called 'love' beautiful...

It's not the valentine's day fever (or is it?) which makes me think of 'love' today.

I m a romantic no matter what time of the year it is. And just like many others I associate this feeling with a few songs. These are my 10 favourite songs. Each of them special for a different reason. Would love to hear somebody special sing at least one of them for me. (Sigh! Will it ever happen?)

1. Dum bhar jo udhar munh phere (Awara 1951)

The song signifies playful boldness between two lovers. The lovers, a 'good' girl and a 'not-so-good' guy and the attraction between them is apparent in the song. The girl is aware that the guys character has a certain level of unreliability and insensitivity so she expresses her vulnerability and requests him to take care of her feelings. The guy at the same time may be feels some pride that such a girl has fallen for him. A perfect example of 'opposites attract'.

2. Jalte hain jiske liye (Sujata 1959)

A perfect way of expressing love. The lover croons to his lady love on phone. He says that all his feelings for her culminates in this song which he is gifting her today. And this is not just a song. It is an assurance of love. The most intense emotions have been woven into simplest words.

I remember something funny with this song. One of my friends had called me and that day particularly he was on a singing spree. Since anyways he was singing one song after another i requested him to sing this one for me. And i think he freaked out thinking i was romantically inclined towards him at that time. It is worth mentioning that he refused to sing this song. :-) "Hey, do u remember?"

3. Tum pukar lo (Khamoshi 1969)

A song about longing for one's lover. It seems that the wait has been extraordinarily long but still there is no desperation to be seen anywhere. Instead there is a hope that they will be united very soon. The fact that the other person feels the same way is not sufficient to soothe the heart. The only thing which would put all desires to end is to have one's lover then and there.

4. Maine tujhe manga tujhe paya hai (Deewar 1975)

A song which lays stress on the fact that finding your soulmate is the ultimate. Rest everything is immaterial. Two people can compliment each other and be each other's strength. Nothing can match the assurance from your lover that he/she is always there for you. Tujh ko jo bura lage, aisa kabhi kiya nahi...

5. Tum aa gaye ho (Aandhi 1975)

Oh now that you are here, everything seems right in my life. Otherwise i don't know where it was heading... That's what the song is all about. Just a special presence in one's life is sufficient to blow away all the negativities. The song aims at acknowledging this 'special person'.

6. Pehla nasha pehla khumaar (Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander 1992)

The song which best describes 'first love' and all the crazy feelings associated with teenage romance. All those feelings which mean a lot in that age but ten years later make you believe that you were a fool :-)

7. Tujhe dekha to ye jaana sanam (Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge 1995)

This is one song which plays in the heart of all of us who were in the age bracket of 16-18 when DDLJ was released. The song speaks of love which knows no boundaries (too filmy :-)), love which can go to any extent. It is a little more than just 'teenage infatuation'. It is accepting love along with the responsibilities which come with it.

Sometimes taking an action is better than speaking a few words. That's what Raj did for Simran...

8. Suraj hua maddham (Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham 2001)
The sun has lost its heat, the moon is burning instead. The sky is slowly melting away. Though i stand still, the earth beneath my feet seems to move ahead...Am i in love?

The song makes me wish such things happen when we fall in love. Lovely song with amazing chemistry between SRK and Kajol, specially the scene when Kajol asks SRK "Kya ye mera pehla pehla pyaar hai" and SRK very softly, nods his head in affirmation with the characteristic smile on his face. It seems as if he is saying the off-screen truth on-screen. :-)

The song ends on a more practical note, when the protagonist realizes that all that she was percieving was just a dream. This further adds to the beauty of the song.

Let the sun burn and the moon be cool and calm. This dream seems unreal coz we are not destined love and unite...

9. Dheere jalna (Paheli 2005)

A request to love tenderly and let the desires burn slowly. One of the most romantic songs I have heard. Everything about this song is remarkable- the lyrics, the classical-based composition, Sonu Nigam's voice, the tabla, and the situation in the movie. You have to hear this one to believe me.

Socha na tha, zindagi aise phir se milegi jeene ke liye
Aankhon ko pyaas lagegi, apne hi aansoo peene ke liye

10. Tu bin bataye, mujhe le chal kahin (Rang De Basanti 2006)
I give myself in your hands, take me wherever you want to. Nowhere but the place where you are happy will be my destination. The song is about complete surrender to the one you love. It talks about trust and togetherness. And nonetheless, this song makes me feel lonely :-(

That's enough. An overdose of love is bad too :-)

I did not mention one more song i love. That is because i have already dedicated one complete post to that song.


Anonymous said…
by the way, wonderful thoughts!!! loved this one thoroughly!!! it seems "LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!" Right.. guess who??
Amit said…
Shazia's all time Top 10 was great! One song which I would have loved to see in this Top 10 list is "Chhupa lo yoon dil mein" from 1965 movie Mamta.
Angika said…
I love this idea! I'm going to come up with a list myself too!
Shazia said…
@ anonymous
Humne tumko pehchaan liya. Ha ha ha
Aage se zara sambhal ke anonymous comment karna :)

@ amit
Aapne ek bahot hi achche gaane ka zikr kiya. Humein bhi bahot pasand hai. But 10 gaano mein humko naye gaane bhi daalne the, isliye usko include nahi kar paaye.

@ angika
I would love to know your favourite songs. I like your taste in music. You remember the day you were playing songs for me :)

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