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Aligning the chaotic mess

An iron needle is the simplest object which can be converted into a magnet. The atoms in this needle is arranged to form small domains which are small magnets. Before the needle becomes a magnet, the domains in its structures are chaotically arranged and point in all directions. When this needle is subjected to a strong magnetic field the domains swing and point in the direction of the magnetic field. When all or most of the domains get aligned in similar way, the 'ordinary needle' becomes a 'magnetic needle'.

Chaos is seldom productive. It needs to be cleared and arranged/aligned. This is done at various points of our lives. Our parents teach us how to keep ourselves clean and tidy, how to keep our room and work place tidy. Teachers instruct us during lectures so that anything which is half understood or not understood gets in the head clearly, the way it should be.
There are so many 'special magnets' around us which help us in aligning our thoughts and chanelizing our energy towards better. Spending time with them and taking a small part of their energy, we should put it to good use.
My 'magnet' is playing a role in aligning my soul the way it was in the beginning. The innermost core needs to be put in correct orientation followed by the subsequent layers. Once all the small and deviant domains are aligned, I will become a magnet of my kind.
I know once i regain the new 'old self'', i will be happier than i m today. I have understood that if there aren't any reasons to feel happy from within, any kind of enjoyment or happiness which is absorbed from the outside world is useless.
I am sure I will be happy and satisfied with myself after this ongoing procedure of 'magnetization'.
Thanks to my magnet who volunteered to do this for me.


Anonymous said…
so an entire post dedicated to one magnet.. what about the small ones who keep trying to orient you in the right direction????
well, the small ones are jealous...
and sad too... :-(
jc said…
another small magnet is thanking you to teach the basics of NMR, i.e., Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. good going iron nail...

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