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Ek lau is tarah kyun bujhi?

Picture courtesy: Dhoop ke ujaale si, os ke pyaale si,khushiyan mile humko. Zyada maanga hai kahan, sarhadein na ho jahaan, duniya mile humko. Par Khuda khair kar, uske armaan mein, kyun bewajah ho koi qurbaan? Ghuncha muskurata ek, waqt se pehle, kyun chhod chala tera ye jahaan?
Ek lau is tarah kyun bujhi mere maula? Ek lau zindagi ki maula...
Saw the movie Aamir today. A 95 min movie without any song and dance routine (or a romantic angle) which moved me to tears. The movie is thought provoking and leaves many questions unanswered. An innocent man who is circumstantially driven to commit a crime. In the end he has to choose between killing innocent people and becoming a martyr himself.
The movie took me a year back and made me remember few of those martyrs. And I ask the same question as the song above.

Assistant Sub-inspector Tukaram Omble

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan

Hurdle race...

Life is turning into a hurdle race. And at higher difficulty-levels, the hurdles remain invisible.... ...making me lick dust after every few steps.

"Life time achievement" award goes to...

...Sohail and Salman Khan for delivering 'quality products' like this one consistently. Main aur Mrs Khanna was so good that you would not have been able to distinguish the expression on my face for those two hours from that of a random dead body.
The obvious questions which must have arisen in you head would be:
1) What the hell was I doing inside a theatre with the well positioned warning sign which read "Sohail Khan Productions-ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK")
2) Am I tired of life and was this an unsuccessful suicide attempt?
The answer is that I went to watch this one out of desperation. In the last 2 and a half months in this city the only movies which I have seen are Love Aaj Kal and Kaminey. I missed Wake Up Sid as I failed to get tickets last Sunday and unfortunately it is not running as it had to make way for the 3 great releases this week Blue, All The Best and Main aur Mrs Khanna. I had already received a very 'positive' review of Blue from my buddy so I dr…

Attention: Mr Aamir Khan

How could this go unnoticed?
The title of your movie "Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahin" in Urdu, reads "Dil Hai Ke Maanta HI Nahin".
But Aamir shayad, " jaanta hi nahin"
Ok, I confess I was watching this movie the millionth time last week and I noticed this mish-take.

Once upon a time...

An accidental peep into the past.
Stumbled upon some pictures and videos which remained hidden in a magic folder.
The female-dominated corner of that floor of that building.
Women, all of them with their own idiosyncrasies.
Memories of bonding, arguments and some fights.
The 'lone' male amongst us. Sometimes pampered, sometimes kicked the most.
Parties. Cake-cutting and smearing.
The pranks. The tough to untie 'PFK' bond (shown in the picture above).
The noise (some more high-pitched than the others) and the running around.
That new-year party which was followed by an animated conversation.
Conversation about 'injecting mosquito-gut into humans to make them immune to malaria'.
Conversation about who is more scared of the lab-senior lady.
Secretly shot videos which got lost in the 320GB disk space, clicked open those old times.
The lab that was... in year 2005.

The Fourth Wall

One of those nights, when I had nothing to do I was lying in bed while random thoughts were carelessly strolling in my head. The train of thought got stuck when I could not remember the decor on one of the walls of Monica Geller's living room(this explains that sometimes we don't have control on our thoughts).
You enter the apartment, turn right and you are standing in the open-kitchen equipped with shelves full of grocery and appliances. The dining table is placed at a comfortable distance from the cooking space. Adjacent to the dining area, there is a sofa-set and a TV. A poster (with something in French printed on it) occupies the wall over the TV. On the left side of the TV is Monica's bedroom and the on the right is the guest-bedroom (once occupied by Phoebe and Rachel). A major portion of one of the walls is the glass window (that window reminds me of many interesting moments) which opened into the balcony. How did the wall just opposite to this window look like? I …