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From 'E' Drive to 'Recycle Bin': Not very difficult Empty 'Recycle Bin': Tough job. Control-Alt-Delete: Will do it one day.

I like 'Blue'

After working on my thesis (and doing some time-pass) whole night, I happened to peep out of the window and look at the striking shade of blue in the sky. I immediately looked around for my camera. It took some 90 seconds before I could click this photo and in that span of time the coloour of the sky changed a bit. Nevertheless, it is still very near to (but not exactly) the 'blue' which I like.

I am neither very fond of a particular colour (except mauve and lilac) or hate a particular colour. I remember that as a child I didn't like 'yellow' at all. As I grew up, in my mind I started associating colours with different things. E.g. I like 'yellow' when it is a flower which I am looking at (and not Tata Nano or any other car). I would never wear a bright-yellow dress, but that doesn't mean I don't like the colour.

Similarly, I love certain shades of 'blue' which look best in a sky or in a water body. Looking at any of my favourite colours (or…

O Yuva Yuva....

Ban Ja Re Ban Ja, Mashaal-e-Raah, O Yuva Yuva...O Yuva...

Too many things to time :(


River Ganga (Kanpur; April 2009)


Is reciprocation of love important/necessary?

If it is, then why does it happen so often that we end up loving and caring for someone who pays no heed to it?

Or on the other hand how do we happily grab love and attention being showered from those who care for us more than we care about them?

Is this not some kind of an "imbalance of love"?

May be I am just too sleepy and brain-dead to have been thinking about these questions...

Last night... Last night when I stood there, millions of unrelated thoughts kept coming and vanishing from my head. I was not able to hold on any one of them. I tried for a while and then lost to myself. They stood near me and kept talking to each other. I tried to listen to them but everything seemed incomprehensible.

With my back towards one of the 26/11 targets I rested both my hands on the cemented railing and gazed at the sea. Before I could realize I was already playing with the shimmering reflection of light in the sea. Focussing...defocussing...focussing again. And the streaks of light grew bigger and smaller like a wriggling snake in water. In the background the small boats bobbed up and down with beautiful irregularities, each one of them following its own rhythm. I smiled... Its not always that I notice such things. Aaj kal mein dhal gaya, din hua tamaam. Tu bhi so ja, so gayi rang bhari shaam.


I am almost there...the place from where this journey began. It looks a little different though. I don't remember how much time has passed. But I do remember that I was not alone then.

I had decided to go on this expedition in search of something special. It is not that I failed, but whatever I gained, I had to leave it behind. My hands are empty but the heart carries the load of both the loss and the gain.

Very soon I might forget it all or may be not. But one thing is sure, being the traveller that I am, I will surely begin another quest which will then lead me on a completely different journey. Till then I will just rest for a while.

Today what reminds me of that journey are the yellow amaltas flowers in bloom. It was this time of the year...