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I (don't) hate luv storys

I liked this one. :)

Going to the theater with lowered expectations has become routine now. And after disappointments such as Kites, Raavan, and Rajneeti (second half) I am trying to adjust an even lower expectation level. But I think I would have liked I hate love storys even otherwise.

It's a sweet movie which will appeal to all the young college going crowd and a few older ones who are still young (and stupid) at heart (guess who? :-)). I am not saying it is an intelligent movie with out of the world performances. It was just 'sweet', if you know what I am talking about.

The movie is about 'love' as depicted in various 'love stories' and the effect it has on the working of all those human minds which dwell on them. Some of these minds end up concocting their own real life stories (which in reality do not exist). A couple of these minds concoct their love stories, and happen to stumble upon their respective Rajs and Simrans, who also have the same storie…