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It's movie time...

Wake Up Sid releases this week. Have been waiting to watch this one for a long time. Been such a long time since I saw a movie, Kaminey being the last one. Will try to catch this one in the coming weekend. Lets see...
Jo barse sapne boond boond naino ko moond moond, Kaise main chalun, dekh na sakun anjaane raaste.... Goonja sa hai koi iktaara, dheeme bole koi iktaara...
I love this song from Wake Up Sid and I love Konkona Sen Sharma. I hope this movie doesn't end up disappointing me.

Durga Puja in Kolkata

Brightening up the night

The pandal at Mohd Ali park (very pretty)

The pratima at Mohd Ali Park

How come we are alive after all that pushing and pulling?

Waiting to get in...

The pratima at the College Square pandal

We came out alive, once again...

A pretty panel outside one of the pandals

At Karunamoyi, Salt Lake. The theme was "Save Girl Child" I liked this one the most.

Sleepless in 'Temple-city'

In the 30 years of my life this was the first time that I had to stay without electricity for more than 3 days. And I thought UP-Bihar was bad... This place is worse. I hate the laid back attitude of people here.
For 3 nights all of us poor residents of a hostel (which belongs to a government institute) had sleep with sweat dripping and swarm of mosquitoes to entertain us whole night.
the candle after it had lived its life

Social contagion

Read this article in today's New York Times: Is happiness catching?
James H Fowler and Nicholas A Christakis have published quite a few papers on social networking and how it affects the behaviour of people. A couple of papers describe the patterns in gain of weight and smoking habits of residents of a town Framingham during the period of 30 years. Their findings suggest that these changes do not occur randomly but in clusters or groups of people who are socially connected. I was not surprised to learn that smoking habits spread in this manner. But I had not thought the same way regarding some other parameters that they studied including "happiness". They report that unhappiness or happiness extends upto three degrees of separation, e.g. friends of one's friends' friends and this part of their work has been questioned by many in the same field. I would like to read some of their papers which have been published in high impact journals like NEJM and BMJ.
I find su…

Lovely weekend!

Had a very relaxing weekend this time. It was the first time in the whole month when I didn't have an experiment to do on saturday-sunday. The new work in the new lab keeps me busy from Saturday to Tuesday and rest of the days are mostly free. Because of some problem the experiments could not be conducted this weekend. And the weather has been specially great for the past one week or so. I took advantaged of it and slept (or lazyily lied in bed watching it rain from the window) a lot on both saturday and sunday. Amongst some of the good things in this city, is the absence of sky-scrapers which leaves a lot of sky to be gazed at. And i love it. Will post some pictures of the evening sky from the institute terrace sometime soon.
Sunday was spent in reading the newspaper (the epaper) leisurely. Then I went to the nearby Cafe Coffee Day (it keeps me alive) and had a Cafe Frappe with vanilla ice- cream (Yum!!!). Then I came back to the institute, went through the updates of blogs I foll…

Life has to move on...

The peephole and the purple door

As the final episode of FRIENDS ended, my mind flew to my old friends and my old home/room 311. I thought that I can watch all the ~200 episodes again and relive the life of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey. But I will never find those 6 years of my life again. They will remain just in my memories, which I revisit often. I hate moving on...

The usual scene of my room (that was). The chair in view was a silent spectator of million hugs, laughters and some tears. Snacking. Reading news-paper. Random net-surfing. Not to forget the tv-viewing.

After the room was cleaned the last time and fresh bed-sheets were laid

Last bunch of flowers I got to 311

The table full of random things and the book-shelf

The table and the shelf, as they looked when I left them (with the lone rose)

The wall with several art-pieces and the bed-side shelf

The same

A few of my old possessions in the current new surrounding

Same old flowers in my new home