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Lovely weekend!

Had a very relaxing weekend this time. It was the first time in the whole month when I didn't have an experiment to do on saturday-sunday. The new work in the new lab keeps me busy from Saturday to Tuesday and rest of the days are mostly free. Because of some problem the experiments could not be conducted this weekend. And the weather has been specially great for the past one week or so. I took advantaged of it and slept (or lazyily lied in bed watching it rain from the window) a lot on both saturday and sunday. Amongst some of the good things in this city, is the absence of sky-scrapers which leaves a lot of sky to be gazed at. And i love it. Will post some pictures of the evening sky from the institute terrace sometime soon.

Sunday was spent in reading the newspaper (the epaper) leisurely. Then I went to the nearby Cafe Coffee Day (it keeps me alive) and had a Cafe Frappe with vanilla ice- cream (Yum!!!). Then I came back to the institute, went through the updates of blogs I follow. Then, courtesy 'youtube' saw some songs and I realize that very often I feel like watching the same songs over and over again. At least I am addicted to these 3.

1) Khuda jaane: I love the lyrics of this song and the way it has been picturized. My favourite line (which many of my friends will guess) is "Tu kahe to khwab ka bana ke main bahaana sa, mila karoon sirhaane pe". And I like the picturization of the line just preceding this line "Tu kahe to tere hi qadam ke main nishan pe, chalun rukun ishaare pe". The scene shows Deepika Padukone walking over sand which shows a pair of footprints and then the camera flips 180 degrees and Ranbeer Kapoor is seen walking at a distance, with his back towards the lady. I find this scene really romantic. :)

2) Bol na halke halke: This is another amazing song with great lyrics from one horrible movie. The picturization is not very good but i still like watching this song because of the bright colored dresses (except Abhishek Bachchan's red kurta which makes Priti Zinta believe that he is a coolie). It is very difficult to select my favourite line from this song as I like the complete song and the way Rahat Fatef Ali Khan has sung it. Still I would mention this one "Kitne dino se ye aasmaan bhi soya nahi hai, is ko sula dein...".

3) Chup chup ke: Bunty aur Babli is one 'fun-movie' which I like watching again and again. And this song is one romantic song which I like listening and watching because of the chemistry shown by the lead couple who look great together and enhance the better features of each other. I like their "Kabhi neem neem, kabhi shahad shahad" for the same reason.

There are some more songs which I watch very often for reasons which may be biased because I love those two guys (AK and FA). :)

Saturday was the birthday of a very dear friend of mine currently on the other side of the world. A lot of time was spent in going through old photos and I found this appropriate one. Happy Birthday!

The "Chocolate-Almond" cake

Today is another friend's birthday. Happy birthday to you!

The usual cake-cutting venue.


kate said…
So sweet baby. Thank you so much!!!
MISS YOU TERRIBLY btw. Will call you soon and tell you about my india plans. I am so excited about seeing you!

Sorry for sounding like a ten year old above. I am really that excited. :P
zilcogol said…
Hi Shazia

Apologies for commenting at a wrong place... but i didnt want to spoil jammy's blog (plus u know i wouldnt WANT him to be nasty to me :) )so am writing here...

First of all: I never intended to make fun of anyone. I think you also didnt think so initially.. it was only some misunderstanding maybe by jammy.

Secondly, When I said "...girls do this naturally..." I didnt mean it any derogatory way... its how females do things... if not then how do you explain the vast difference in male and female fashion business. My argument is only limited to the fact that females with "a specific quality/virtue" would try to highlight it so that its not missed.
Shazia said…
@ Pavi
You are my baby :)

@ Zilcogol
Don't take it that seriously, please. I didn't get offended, or anything. Forget it. :)
silent_rebel said…
isse acchi photo nahin mili kya?
Mayuri said…
that is how u usually look senthil bhai :P
Shazia said…
@ Senthu
Itni achchi photo hai tumhari. And you often have this expression on your face. And I miss it and you. :(\

@ Myoori
Sahi kaha tumne. Thanks for agreeing with me :)

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