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...and the year comes to an end!

I know it would be a cliche if I started this post by saying that I can't believe that the year is already coming to an end. At this point I would quote Geet from the movie Jab We Met, "Please Baba ji, ab to hadd paar ho chuki hai. Ab is raat mein aur koi excitement mat dena. Boring bana do ji ab is raat ko, please!"

If I replace the word "raat" with "saal", it comes very close to my story! :)

This is the year I will hopefully remember as the year I quit mainstream research, though reluctantly, for good. When I look back at each of the troubling episodes, I feel that if I had to relive the past, I would willingly go through all of that to reach the present, that is.

The year began at an uncertain note. The tenure of the last job was about to get over and I didn't have an offer from anywhere else. I could extend my tenure by a couple of months, but I was adamant to leave the organization where I had already spent almost 8 years doing my Ph.D. and …

Out of nothingness

The strong smell of its absence is killing me.
Or is it still around?
Seems like it was just yesterday, that I had put an end to the beginning.
Though the hateful love has slowly begun to stop growing, a light heaviness is sinisterly creeping.
When my palm craves for the gleaming ray, My eyes are shut in dismay.
I am losing my breath... waiting for it to dawn on me.
Come, hold me, blind me...

I dream of a dream

In a land far, far away, there is this place where you can reach only after climbing up and down a couple of mountains. The valley with flowers down its slope. As the cool breeze caresses you, it brings with it a mixed scent of flowers and moist air. The best way to feel it is with your eyelids shut. You'll feel the warmth of the winter sun on your toes and hear the  sound of birds chirping somewhere, not too near yet not so far. With no hint of human civilization, this is the place I want to be.

I have been thinking about what this dream could mean, since a long time. It is special because this is the first time I have had a recurring dream which has some kind of happiness and a pleasant feeling attached to it. Compared to constantly dreaming of failing in exams, missing a train or a flight, a fire or an earthquake, this current one is a welcome change.

All the 5 or 6 times that I have dreamt about this place, there have been small variations. The first couple of times I was able…

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

The good news is that both Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif now have 3 and a half expressions compared to a poor 1 and a half at the start of their film careers; and they look great together. That the director has tried to cash on their cuteness-quotient and the eternal monument of love, the Taj Mahal, is very apparent throughout the movie. But apart from some nonsensical sequences and some unpleasant-while-they-last-and-forgettable songs, the movie still manages to entertain and leave a pleasant after taste. 
Dimple, a london-born, bidi smoking, law-breaking, 'wild' ex-DU (Delhi Univ.) student succumbs to family pressure and agrees to go for a conventional arranged marriage. During the groom-hunting process she bumps into Kush, a sau-pratishat good boy who neither smokes nor drinks and also believes in family values, who is looking for a dulhan for his settled-in-london brother, Luv. They remember meeting briefly during their DU days when Dimple was a rebel and a rockstar. To belie…

Bol: Speak out

It has been a long time since I reviewed a movie. Two movies I really want to write about some day are Dhobi Ghat and Band Baaja Baraat, the only two movies that have impressed me in recent times. But for now I will stick to Bol.

Even though I tried my best not to compare Bol to Khuda Ke Liye, I didn't succeed. There are several commonalities between both these movies and the major one is that both aim at unveiling the evils persisting in the Islamic society. The saddest part is that all this is claimed to be done in the name of God. Even though the story is of a Muslim family in Pakistan, I think the issue is beyond a specific community, language, state or a country. We have our own shame list comprising of female infanticides, khap panchayats, honor killings and many more.

The main protagonist of Bol is Zainab who has been sentenced to death because she killed her father. She is granted her last wish of telling her story to the world before being executed. She speaks about her …

Mera Anmol Taara

Ek din,
Jab kuch sochte huye
aasmaan ki taraf sar uthaya,
ek taare ko apni taraf dekhke muskuraata paaya.

Jhund mein bhi akela taara.
Thoda chanchal, thoda gumsum taara.
Mujhe chhedta hua,
mujhse baaten karta taara.

Us din ke baad
main jab bhi akeli hoti,
uski taraf dekh usi se baaten karti.
Pata nahi woh meri awaaz sun bhi raha tha, ya nahi.

Ek din jab haath badha kar use chhoona chaaha,
kho gaya mera taara.
Bahot dhoondne par bhi nahi mila
mera anmol taara.

Bhaari mann se jab sar jhukaya,
zameen par kuch chamakta paaya.
Chhote chhote kaanch jaise tukde
chaaron taraf bikhre huye the.

Ek pal ke baad ehsaas hua,
ki woh kaanch nahi, mere taare ke tukde the.
Jo mujhse milne ke liye, apna ghar chhod aaya tha.
Aur mujhe milne ka sapna tod aaya tha.

Uske tukdon ko apne haathon se sameta.
Aur palat ke aasman ki taraf na dekha dobaara.
Is tarah ek ho gaye,
main aur mera taara.

Gudia humse roothi rahogi

Dedicated to a friend and some memories.

Voices of the void

She didn't remember how much time had lapsed since she had thrown away her watch. The ticking of the only other clock in the room ensured that the time moved on. Her back faced the wall that bore that clock while she lay still in her bed with both her arms entwined around her. A sob could be heard every now and then. May be she was tired now. Tired of crying, tired of life, tired of failures and and more than anything, tired of being alone. On any other day it wouldn't have mattered, but today was not any other day. If only there was somebody who had opened the door for her when she came back home a few hours back. Isn't she obscenely selfish if she is longing for another person to spend a bad day with? She had never before felt a similar void.

Then she remembered him.That whole episode of her life came back to her mind out of nowhere and disturbed her even more. Or may be it soothed her. She was confused and that annoyed her.

A glass of cold water was what she needed now.…

Hum Dono

Jo khatm ho kisi jagah, ye aisa silsila nahi...
I remember that as a kid I used to like Dev Anand a lot. Thanks to the good old days of doordarshan there were  re-runs of movies like Tere ghar ke saamne, Kaala Paani, CID, Solva Saal.  And then there was the sunday morning Rangoli to catch Dev Sahab romancing Waheeda Rehman in 'Khoya khoya chaand....ho..ho' and crooning 'Tu kahan ye bata is nasheeli raat mein' on the streets. The least I could have done for this old love of mine was to watch 'Hum Dono-Rangeen' in theatre. And I loved it, specially the music.
The movie begins with an almost 4 minute long dialogue-less roothna-manaana scene which culminates in Mohd. Rafi pleading 'Abhi na jaao chhod kar, ki dil abhi bhara nahi'. Lovely. A few more minutes into the movie, the hero shares his lately acquired philosophy of life with us, 'Main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya'.

Jo kho gaya main usko bhulata chala gaya...
And very soon, in the presence o…

Mit gayi dooriyan

The silsila that I kept going for almost 3 and a half years finally broke 4 months back. I am talking about being faithful to my blog and  coming back to it at least once every month, no matter what. Although many hearts (or was it just mine?) and dreams also broke but I will prefer talking about 'sagittalsection' and me.

Dear Blog, I would be lying if I say that I didn't cheat upon you. I did and I apologize for it. I had a situation-driven-fling with somebody. You know him well. It's that diary I keep hidden in that drawer. I had lied to you when I told you that I had gotten over it and that I had thrown it away. Instead I kept it close to me all this while. And I felt the need to go back to it because there were certain things that I couldn't share with you...and moreover there were some worries that I needed to sort out without troubling you. D gave me the refuge I was craving for. There were times when I shared with it and inflicted pain upon it by tearing away…