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The Fourth Wall

One of those nights, when I had nothing to do I was lying in bed while random thoughts were carelessly strolling in my head. The train of thought got stuck when I could not remember the decor on one of the walls of Monica Geller's living room(this explains that sometimes we don't have control on our thoughts).

You enter the apartment, turn right and you are standing in the open-kitchen equipped with shelves full of grocery and appliances. The dining table is placed at a comfortable distance from the cooking space. Adjacent to the dining area, there is a sofa-set and a TV. A poster (with something in French printed on it) occupies the wall over the TV. On the left side of the TV is Monica's bedroom and the on the right is the guest-bedroom (once occupied by Phoebe and Rachel). A major portion of one of the walls is the glass window (that window reminds me of many interesting moments) which opened into the balcony. How did the wall just opposite to this window look like? I don't remember seeing it. Most of the scenes were shot from that direction and hence that wall remained hidden to the viewers.

I am attempting to equate this with something more 'real'.

When it comes to understanding a complex situation in which more than one person is involved, most of us take some stand based on how much we know about it. It is possible that you are completely overlooking the 'fourth-wall' which stands behind your back. It successfully eludes you.


Angika said…
I like this :)
Shazia said…
Thanks Angie and Monika. :)
silent_rebel said…
Wah Shazia ji, kya Analysis kiya hai geometry ka. Upar ka chath bhool gaye?
Mayuri said…
wow.. :)
A deep thought embedded in the walls. :)
-hkv. said…
Hi Shaz,
the wall you mention is actually never shown in the entire 9-season series. The same holds true for a similar wall in Joey- Chandler apartment. Not to mention, Ross is seen watching TV in his new apt many times, but we never see what he is watching!!!

Miss you.
Wali Khan said…
Am glad someone else also got that deep in to the analysis of seeing all corners of that flat.

I tried a lot, also heard/read that there was no wall and it was the place where crew used to sit for the majority of times. :)

Muah!!! Am glad you joined the same craziness!

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