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P0 (read as 'P zero'): There's more to it...

I was crossing the corridor of Dept of Astronomy and Astrophysics, when i heard "P zero is not the....". I stood there for a fraction of second thinking whether what i heard was right. So, somebody else at TIFR has something to do with P zero. And more than that, me and my labmates have been unaware of this fact. The main focus of our lab lies in the studies related to the P0 protein of the malarial parasite. Is there a secret group at TIFR trying to move ahead of us? On second thought, it didnt seem plausible enough. 'Astrophysicists and P0 protein of Plasmodium', a rather odd combination. Thank God! We are safe.

I came back to lab and googled for P0 and found really funny (to us) and diverse definitions that i would like to share.

1) Pzero is a low-carbon power management company based in UK. Pzero stands for 'power with zero emission'. The company delivers low-carbon power solutions to industries and communities. (Good Work!)

2) P zero is a Italian tyre company with all sorts of tyres for all kinds of vehicles. I liked the logo of the company. 'P' stands for 'Pirelli' (dont know what it means).

3) Microsoft developors have something called a 'P0' bug. It stands for 'Priority zero', which means more important than 'Priority One'. (I liked the definition). This bug needs to be removed urgently in order to protect and market the product which can be a software program i guess. I got these details from somebody called Sriram Krishnan's blog. The title of the blog was 'P0', exactly like we write it.

I went though 6 google result pages and the Pirelli tyres (they spell it as tires) dominated the search. Funny, our scientific interest shares its name with a vehicle tyre company.
Picture Courtesy: Pirelli Tires Homepage


kate said…
fun post!
Amit said…
really funny. a google search reveals that Pirelli was the founder of that Italian company.

the picture you've shown is actually P-dot, not P-zero! btw, good to know that there are some tyres which are are rich in protein!
sagitalsection said…
Wonder what SS will say about it. :)

I guessed Pirelli was a name. Sounds like Toricelli :)
Tyres rich in protein? Hehehe....
Princess Fiona said…
hmm. interesting. must inform SS.
AK said…
The letter P gets used a lot in science and a subscript of 'zero' denotes the base state. So it could mean n number of things.
This is what I found .....

"Based on a new concept of "Po Star"-one kind of ancient strange stars, some peculiar Po Stars are possibly considered as remote supernovae or even hypernovae. They have chance to be associated with their observed remnants, such as supernova remnants and their compact sources (young neutron stars, black holes, soft gamma repeaters and so on). It will offer the important messages of ages to these high energy astrophysical sources."
Source: Google the Great
Koffee beanzz said…
Nope! I dont think SS should be informed!! She'll start a collaboration with some physics Bong prof to work on Po!! Remember the aim of the lab is to look at Po from all possible angles..physics, biology or chemistry doesnt matter!!
sagitalsection said…
Beanz, You are absolutely right. We dont want any more expts for us or other 'trainee' students planning to do these expts in our lab. :)
sagitalsection said…
@ Arun

Probably they were talking about P0 stars. Hey, you are working in the area of solid state physics. right?

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