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A story-less fashion parade. And what a waste of Abhay Deol.

However, I must stay that all the actors specially Sonam Kapoor were very stylishly presented (except one or two hair-dos). The movie is a pretty collage of trendy dresses, flowers and accessories. It would have been better if 'Aisha' was a coffee table book instead of a movie. Really. The story could have been wrapped up in less than 90 mins. There was no need of a Dhruv or Aarti (or Anita...i don't remember) to add to the length of the movie.

Sonam Kapoor is capable of showing only two expressions, :) and :(. And  juggles between these two throughout. In all scenes when she is with her friends she is like :) and whenever Abhay Deol, her major critic, is in the vicinity she goes :(. And this keeps on happening till the end. At the end of the movie we know who Aisha is but we don't know why she is the way she is. The audience doesn't get access to the head of this character on which the whole movie is based. I remember reading Jane Austen's Emma in school but I don't remember anything of it. Will try to grab it.

Firstly Abhay Deol does so few movies and then he appears in dumb ones like this. I want more of him. Waiting for 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara'. It has my second heartthrob Farhan Akhtar too apart from AD who is a close third. :)

Oh yes...I did like a few things in Aisha. That lavender-theme wedding party was a treat to my eyes. I love that colour. At least one room in my future house (or at least a corner of a room) will have everything in shades of lavender/mauve/lilac. I have already collected a few items. :)

And I liked the song 'Gal mitthi mitthi bol'. The video is cute, specially the way Abhay Deol danced. He is the best Deol to come out of that fist-clenching-jaw-breaking family. Thank God for it!


Angika said…
Hilarious review :D That the movie should have been a coffee table book and that she has only two expressions, is brilliant. Shefali did a really good job. In fact everyone did apart from Madam herself! Wafer thin script.
K said…
Second angu's comment above. you should copyright those two statements :).
Hilarious review :).
Shazia said…
Thank you Angie and Di. :)
Most of the critics have favourable comments for Sonam Kapoor. I think they wrote the review even before watching the movie.
Yes Shefali was cute. I felt sorry for her when she says, "Main soch rahi thi ki woh mujhe bachaane ke liye paani mein kyun nahi kooda."
dreamer said…
I did not see the movie because I am very loyal to Clueless..I could see in the trailer that some of the scenes are directly lifted from Clueless..After reading your review I am even more glad that I did not see the movie..:)

I totally share your views on Lavender:)
Shazia said…
@ Mugdha

I haven't watched Clueless. Do you suggest it?
dreamer said…
It appealed to me when I was in my teens ..If you are for sweet mushy romantic movies you should go for it :)
Karishma said…
Haven't watched the movie, but love the way you write, esp your coffee table comment and using the smileys to describe sonam's expressions...creative!

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