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I have lost the ability to write

It has been such a long time since i wrote something here. The main reason is that all the "writing" has been channelised towards one direction. And in spite of devoting all the time (ok most of my time) very little progress is happening. And it is really demoralising. :(

I am a bad writer.

Or, to make myself feel a little better, i can say that i am really bad when it comes to "scientific writing".

Almost the whole of last week was spent in writing and re-writing the synopsis of my work. My guide is right when she says that she has no idea how and when will i finish writing my thesis. But I will do it. And I will do it soon. Till then, sagittalsection will remain inactive. Just wanted to tell all of you who check my blog frequently. I will be back, very soon, at the same place. (I am not shifting my blog to some secret location, though it's a great idea.)

Why did the Indian Producers Association start this war with the multiplexes? I have not seen a movie for the past one month. I really need it. And yes, my hero played a big role in this whole episode. So i have to accept it. And may be it was all done so that I can concentrate on my thesis first and then the friday-releases. The only way it seems to be helping me is by having a positive effect on my already-diminished-bank-balance.

These days there is an infectious padhai-ka-mahaul around me. The 1st & 2nd year students are busy with their courses and exams. The final years are writing their thesis. It makes me feel so much better when i see others studying too. It inspires me. I remember when we were kids, i used to feel awful when i had exams in my school while my brother would be lazying after finishing his.

Before every sitting to read/write/contemplate, I go through a small checklist:

a) Is my room or work-area clean and organized?
b) Do i have all the old notes, books, papers etc (even the most useless ones) within my reach?
c) Is there sufficient water in my bottle to last 3-4 hours? Also, there should be something to munch in between.
d) Do i have my favourite music on my comp?
e) The TV remote should be nearby too, just in case i feel like taking a small break.
f) Bholu and my favourite pillow should also be with me for my comfort.

That's it. Once all this paraphernalia is around me, i start reading/writing efficiently. The only good thing about me is that i can sit and work for really long time. I am not restless and don't need to move around every now and then.

What else should i write now? Haan...let me end this post full of randomness with the song which is playing in my head right now.

Ye tumhari meri baaten, humesha yun hi chalti rahen.
Ye humaari mulaaqaaten, humesha yun hi chalti rahen.
Beete yun hi apne saare din-raat
Baaton se nikalti rahe, nayi baat...

I am singing it to my 'imaginary lover'. Poor guy can't even run away and save his soul. :)
I think I am getting a little inspired by Phoebe after watching all those FRIENDS episodes recently. Yes CAT, you won't believe me, I am watching FRIENDS these days.


JC said…
Aise udaas nahin hote.. Ho jayega, I now u.. U will do everything on time.. tell ur boss this too.. I can guarantee that.. so be happy and don't get tensed.. ok.. love u and miss u lots..
JC said…
waise his was shilpy from Jeets account.. sorry dear..
abhay said…
for the first part:
u can do it cos i am not able to remember any work which u have started and left this time it will be done again!!!

second part:
after arranging all this paraphernalia, do u still get patience/guts to read??!@#:)

for random thoughts: liked your random effects.
silent_rebel said…
Write your thesis first.
Shazia said…
@ Shilpy
Thanks yaar. Wish you were here...

@ AB
Thanks for having faith in me dear. It means a lot to me.
And you know I can sit for as long as I want after attaining all that i mentioned. So, you liked my randomness too? Good :) now I can be more 'random' from next time onwards.

@ Senthu
Daanto mat. Likh rahe hain :(
Wali Khan said…
Taking cue from what Abhay said... I have seen you completing each milestones crossing all the hurdles smartly... Dun get disappointed on what ur boss says... She must have had a bad day/night :D or is ageing disorder... laugh it off... NO NO... not in front of her... ;o)

And watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S that will surely inspire you... :D Missing you... come soon...

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