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Ghar jaane de, chhod mori bahiyan....
(from the Theme of Fashion)

Fashion belongs to Priyanka Chopra. I think it is the first time she has played the main protagonist in a movie and she hasn't disappointed her fans. She should get full points for both her look and her acting. From the naive-small-town-girl to an aspiring-model to an arrogant-supermodel, she has done justice to the character of Meghana Mathur.

The movie is like other 'relaistic' Bhandarkar movies where the truth and tragedy behind the glitz and glamor-world has been shown. Some of it has been inspired by real-life incidences (like the Carol Gracias wardrobe-malfunction and the life of Geetanjali Nagpal). Kangana Ranaut fits such roles. She is fine in the movie (except the innumerable times when she expresses her feelings for her boyfriend by calling him b*****d). Mugdha Godse has done a good job too. The movie has just too many eye-candies for men and sadly not for us women. If it was not a glimpse of Rohit Roy and a little more than a glimpse of Sameer Soni (who plays a gay fashion designer) it would have been difficult to sit through the two and a half hour long movie. Just kidding. :)

The MTV ticker gave 3 reasons for not watching Fashion. One of them was: 'Those who have aversion to either homosexuals or homosexuality should not watch this movie as it has just too many homosexual characters'. I can remember at least 3 of them. I am unsure about others and I will call them slightly effeminate. One thing I dislike about the representation of homosexuals in hindi cinema is that it doesn't differentiate between effeminate males and gays. Not all gay men are effeminate and not all effeminate men are gays. And i simple hate 'bobby-darling' kind of jokes.

Fashion gives us a peep into the fashion world. But I am sure not all models go through the same route in order to achieve success.

According to Raj's mother in DDLJ, at every major stage of one's life there are two paths to choose from. And i think everybody knows which one is the correct path to tread on. :)


JC said…
good to feel that "shazia" is back...
i beg to differ in ur opinion..
i really dont think priyaka was as good as kangana ranaut..more so while on the ramp. hats off to that lady who actually did a wardrobe malfunction with no body doubles..**kudos**
And then portraying the drug addict woman at a rehab i must say that was far more challenging a role to portray..
i don't mean to demean priyanka's effort as an actor.. but yes i couldn't help but think abt kangana..
And i also luved the spoof on all the designers!
Shazia said…
@ Jeet
More reviews will follow this week. Planning to see Dostana and Dasvidanya. Keep reading.

@ a-fool-such-as-i
I dont know how you are comparing the two. But according to me Kangana Ranaut has been doing similar roles (alcoholic-suicidal-drug addict) since eternity. Remember 'Life in a Metro' and 'Woh Lamhe'? There was nothing special in the way she has portrayed this particular character. I am sorry to differ :)

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