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I am not getting time to blog these days. In a way it is good. I should be concentrating more on my paper and experiments. I am doing that. But blogging is like catching a movie on a weekend or having an ice cream, meaning it is not done everyday, it is not essential but still when done, makes me feel good and rejuvenated.

My mind has been quite active for the past 2 weeks or so. I have been reading a lot (both scientific and non-scientific stuff). There are so many things which I want to write about. But if I don't scribble it somewhere, I forget the content and just remember the theme. Once this happens I am too lazy to develop the whole idea again.

I finished reading Ismat Chughtai's Kaghazi Hai Pairahan. The book is her autobiography describing her unconventional life as a young muslim woman in the pre-independence era. What I appreciate most in her character is the strength and self-confidence with which she opposed her parents and completed her studies. She had made up her mind that she will go to Aligarh and stay at a hostel and study. Secretly she arranged for clothes and other things which she might need when she will be away from home. Then, the way she blurted out her 'plans' and the kind of 'reaction' she got from her parents. It required a lot of courage as well as passion. Also, I got to read many urdu words, some of which I have heard from my late grandmother, some of which were new. I really love this language, but my vocabulary is really bad. Sometime when I will be a little free from other things I would love to study Urdu as a language. It makes me feel nostalgic and pulls me towards my roots.

What else has happened in the last 10 days??? Oh yes, Kumble retired from international cricket. And many people googled to read about the report and stumbled upon this post of mine. It had to happen one day and anyway I have not been following cricket anymore. But still I was a little sad for the fact that he remains one of the few unsung heroes of Indian cricket. I hope he remains active on other fronts apart from cricket and does something worthwhile. Good Luck Kumble.

And if I am talking about events in the last 10 days I should mention the new American President Barack Obama. Lot of articles are floating around about how it is going to change the world. Only time will tell how this will affect world-politics.

Another big news is that Chandrayan-1 is no successfully orbiting the moon, away from the earth's gravitational field. i read a few articles about how challenging this task was and how many missions-to-moon have failed in the past. Kudos to ISRO scientists and India.

On personal front, even I accomplished a gigantic task. I never thought I would do it. Okay, I agree it could have been better, but still I did it. And I am happy :)


santoshi said…
hi i like your writting. I think you should blog regularly.
shilpy said…
hey dear.. aapko kiss ne kaha ki aapki vocabulry kharrab hai.. arre agar aapki kharaab hai to mera kyaaa haal hoga.. anyways.. i agree with the comment abpve, i love reading u and u should do it more often.. miss listening to u also these days SHAZ...
Shazia said…
Thanks Santoshi. I will try to be more regular.

Shilpy, Urdu ki vocabulary to sach mein kharab hai yaar. :)
Vikas said…
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