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Who am I? I remember not....

The way I have been using my memory space, I am sure it will crash sometime soon. I cannot imagine how it would be... Just in case it happens, you all, my parents, brother and my friends will have to remind me who I was and what was my dream, my aim and the love of my life. Actually all of you will have some or the other special way of doing this job. But let me give you some ideas which might really help and result in quick recovery.
  • Make me watch all Aamir Khan movies in chronological order (please skip Jawani Zindabad, Daulat ki jung, Isi ka naam zindagi and Tum mere ho as it would be a torture for poor me)

  • I remember certain food joints and shops where i used to hang out with my family or friends. Take me to those places and these are a my few of my favourites. Badam milk from Janpriya Dairy, Alambagh, Lucknow. Aloo tikki chat from Moti Mahal, Hazratganj, Lucknow. Cakes and Pastries from Sweet Home, Boring Road, Patna. Emotions, Boring Road Patna. Baigan Bharta and chapati from SSS canteen, JNU, New Delhi, Mishti Doi (i am already forgetting the brand) from the shop at KC market, JNU. BPC pudding at TIFR west canteen. Any food at Zaffran, Mumbai. Lemongrass soup at 5 spice, Mumbai (this will do a good job as i am allergic to it, remember Monika?).

  • Take me to St. Mary's, RDSO, Lucknow. The assembly place, the auditorium, the church, the water tank, the cycle stand...the principal's office (i miss Sister Vijaya and Sister Elsy), the basketball field... there are just too many memories of all these places. On second thought, you can even take me to the classroom. At least i will remember the scoldings and punishments specially by Mrs Dandpani and Mrs Kaur for being a "chatterbox".
  • Take me to B655, RJPM, Lucknow, our first home in Lucknow. I remember our bed room (i shared it with my brother) with 'green' (a very weird shade) walls. *Sigh* I recently came to know that our landlord has transformed our home into a school. It might look completely different...but still take me there.

  • Take me to our home in LDA, Lucknow. My room doesnt exist now. The room where i have spent many happy and memorable and a few sad, lonely, depressed moments is now my Dad's workshop. The only thing which is the same in that room is the roof and the fan. And these were the two things which i stared at before falling asleep.

  • Oh yes, there are some books which have loved reading. Please get me those. Objective Botany by M.U. Charaya. Mathematics by Manjeet Singh (i passed my Class 12th boards only because of this book). Kuby's Immunology. Molecular Biology of Cell by Bruce Alberts. Thats all among the academic books or i will lose my memory again. Among others I loved reading Little Women, Heidi, Gone with the wind, Godfather, Kite Runner, To kill a mocking bird. There are many more, but i guess these are most special.

  • There are certain places which have special memories associated with them. I would not describe the memory here... just the place. If the memory comes back, well and good, if it doesn't forget it...

  • The lawn in front of the Science block at PWC, Patna.

  • Modern Stationers, LDA, Lucknow :)

  • Several places on JNU campus, the walk from Tapti towards Narmada, from KC to Saraswatipuram, from Saraswatipuram to PVR Priya, the stairs of Admin Block, PSR, our Lab during the first year and the view of Qutub Minar from one of those windows, KV corridor, Sabarmati Dhaba (not to forget the ants and that dog), Ganga Dhaba on one of those chilly nights, stairs near entrance of Tapti, my room 28....

  • Light and sound show at Red fort, Delhi.

  • Daryaganj and Nayi Sadak and the madness around.

  • Rose garden, New Delhi.

  • Several places in Mumbai... Gateway of India, Marine drive, Colaba Causeway... and all the theatres of Mumbai :) Regal, Eros, Liberty, Metro, Inox, Sterling, IMAX.... :)

  • TIFR sea face and the animal house (they are inseparable for me).

  • My lab and my work bench....

These are all my memories till now. Will keep adding as and when i make new memories.

A hug from my buddies would act as a catalyst at that moment. So keep that in mind. And if nothing works after a month or a two, please take me to my 'dear Flow cytometer'. Everything which has happened to me at least in the last 5 years will come to my mind with a flash. It is weird how my life has been revolving around that machine. GOD! It's not working again.


silent_rebel said…
sathiya gaye ho ka?
JC said…
how can u forget 'mela' in aamir series...and out of all things in tifr food you remember only BPC pudding!!! how about Veg Mexican....
Princess Fiona said…
yes! i do remember the lemongrass soup quite well! :D
Princess Fiona said…
and i think u need to sing to the FACS machine everyday... :)
Very nice Shazia ji..I really liked it. This fear of forgetting is a good way to remember those cherished moments :)
Shazia said…
@ Senthil
Haan :)

@ Jeet
Arey 'Mela' hum bhool gaye the, please... mujhe woh movie dobaara nahi dekhni hai. Aur BPC pudding duniya mein kaheen nahi milegi...woh TIFR se judi yaad ban ke reh jayegi, humesha ke liye...

@ Monika
Mujhe maloom tha aap 'lemongrass soup' kabhi nahi bhool sakti. Kya fantastic feeling thi :) It is so surprising that for both of us the symptoms were the same. And nobody else felt anything.
Just to confirm that i am allergic to it, i had it thrice. Now n=3 and data is statistically significant.
Aur FACS machine ko gaana sunayenge to woh humesha ke liye band ho jayegi. :)

@ Arkarup
Thanks Arko. We all have certain memories which we cannot forget. And we get reminded of those things, it is like 'time-travel'...we go back to those times. *Sigh*

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