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It is not the same...

A new week began today. A new week after the recent happenings. I had decided 2 days back only that I will be going to Colaba today. I had some "genuine work" around the Taj area, Fort and Kaala Ghoda. I didn't want to delay it for later as it was important for me to see that the place is back to normal and that there are no army men and NSGs moving around, as we saw the whole of last week.

As I approached Regal from Cuffe Parade I became happy to see that there were many school kids on the street. The Colaba Causeway looked just the same, as if nothing had happened. I felt even better. I took the road adjacent to Cafe Mondegar, which goes towards the Taj and i noticed that the road was blocked and there was heavy security beyond Curio Cottage. I had to go to the bank (which is a few metres from there) so i requested the security person and he allowed me to go. There were several others who were stopped at that point. I looked back to see who these people were. There were young couples, groups of college students, school kids and random public (with cameras in their hands) who came just to catch a glimpse of Taj and take a few pictures there and then may be boast in front of their friends that they saw the aftermaths of the terror attack with their own eyes.

I felt so sorry after noticing this attitude among the common people. The whole area has turned into a "picnic spot" and people are coming there for "enjoyment". Is this the "spirit of Mumbai" (i am sick of this phrase)? Are these people who call themselves "proud Mumbaikars". I am ashamed of them.... I am not one of them.

The very same people must be sitting in their drawing rooms and criticizing Vilasrao Deshmukh for taking Ramgopal Varma and Riteish Deshmukh on a tour through the devastated Taj building. According to me these people are no less than the Maharashtra CM. If they are demanding the CM to resign from the post, i think the very same people should also be thrown out of the city and that they don't have the right to call themselves "Mumbaikars".

Newspapers are talking of the rage amongst the general public. I didn't feel any. In its place I saw a lack of sensitivity and loads of shamelessness. My mood really got spoilt.

Like leader, like junta. Pathetic scenario.


shikha said…
You are right. This is the problem with people today. Insensitivity... They feel much less/no pain for fellow human being's suffering!
Anonymous said…
Wish you on this day for all the problems you faced will no longer be there even at distance and all your dream be fulfilled - mnok
Shazia said…
@ Abbu
Thanks a lot. Your blessings are needed before and after every step i take :)

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