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So, how are things?

Yeah, things are okay...moving towards fine...and one day, things will be great. I am not just waiting for that day but have started trying my best to work for it. After a long time, I managed to finish all the jobs I had planned to do in a day (tick marks on my planner say so).
  • Work is happening, but not at a great speed. It will move on gradually.
  • I have still not finished (actually not started) writing the draft of my research paper.
  • I am still avoiding my guide as I have not made the elaborate experiment plan for a period of a month.
  • Morning walks are also not happening. I have to get back to the normal schedule.
  • Room cleaning and decluttering still keeps me happy. Remember this?
  • Reading Amitabha Bagchi's 'Above Average' these days.
  • Have not touched the guitar since i dont know when. The latest excuse is that one of the strings broke.
  • The last of my fishes (and the most lovable one) is dead. I got four new ones today. I have become used to seeing some movement in that corner of my room.
  • Have started cooking more often these days.
  • Have started recieving at least 75% of the phone calls instead of rejecting/ignoring same number of phone calls.
  • Have not screamed at anybody of late (apart from a middle aged eve-teaser i encountered in the train 2 days back).
  • Have not seen a movie for almost 3 weeks now. Blood-movie level is falling. Will definitely go this weekend. But I will remember this quote whenever I am doing anything apart from working. (Mind you, blogging does not come under working or playing)

By working hard, you get to play hard guilt-free.

~E James Rohn~

Even though many things stated in the above list are in the 'not happening' category, I am hopeful that they will start happening very soon. The biggest change I am observing in myself is that I am at peace with myself after a long time. There is no turbulence anywhere. I am gaining myself back. I want to stay this way, at least for a while... I deserve it.

A 'co-operative relationship' is at the centre of some of the positive changes I am seeing in myself. I would like to call it by this name for the time being, till something else happens... It takes a lot of time for it to happen at this age. At least that is what i can say about myself.

So, I have a 'positive' answer to this most frequently asked question?


Anonymous said…
I am really happy for u saggi!! U really deserve it, coz u r such a sweetheart!
Shazia said…
Thanks fello saggi :)

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