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Neither 'U', nor 'Me'....forget 'Hum'

Directorial debut of Ajay Devgan is disappointing, if nothing else.

I could not emotionally connect to the movie, nor empathize with the lead actors. It seems as if the makers wanted to make something else and because of unknown reasons, the movie turned out to be completely different. In an attempt to convert the movie into a commercial one, a lot of attention was paid on useless things like the cruise-liner. There was absolutely no substance in the movie.

The first half which was supposed to show love blossoming between the couple looked like a bad joke with one corny dialogue after another. When misfortune strikes in the form of Alzheimer's, one hardly feels sorry for the couple. To add to the numbness, the couple's friends irritate the audience like anything. After a few silly jokes and a few drinks, its time to wrap-up the movie and then the whole idea of 'U', 'me' and 'hum' is thrown towards the audience. And before you realize anything else, the movie ends.

And please, any comparison to Taare Zameen Par is an insult to both Aamir Khan and his movie.

While watching this movie i remembered one of the 6 stories from Salaam-e-Ishq. The story of Tehzeeb and Ashu. A couple who get married against the wishes of their family, with the belief that they are there for each other. In an accident, Tehzeeb loses her memory partially. She forgets everything related to Ashu. The movie shows the love and resilience of both the characters. It didn't take a cruise-liner to show the depth of love between them. The whole story has been shown in hardly 15-20 mins, yet it makes a mark in some way.

The title song talks about two individualities merging into one and yet maintaining a little bit of themselves. Its a beautiful song, but it is misleading as the movie hardly focuses on this aspect of marriage. The 'saiyaan' song is a fun song. I enjoyed those 5 mins of the movie.


Amit said…
I saw the movie today. True, the movie lacks focus. And then in the end they had to wind it up somehow.

The title song is too good... will remain in my playlists at least for some weeks. They could have justifed the meaning of this song throughout the movie, and that was enough to make a "different" movie.

I didn't like the "Saiyan" song. One reason might be the situation when the song occurs in the movie.

====== MILD SPOILER ======

There were some questions unanswered, viz. in the beginning why did their son ask Ajay to "pataao-fy" Kajol? Just to make audience fool?
Shazia said…
Amit, I am amazed at the disparity in the views of the reviewers as far as this movie is concerned. Liars all of them

Arey there were far more questions which were left unanswered. I managed to read some wonderfully honest reviews by bloggers. If you are interested, i will send you the links.

And you are right in saying that the timing of 'saiyan' song was really bad.

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