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Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi...

Yoonhi nahi dil lubhata koi!

Saw Jaane Tu... last friday. I was quite enthusiastic to see this movie. Two most important reasons were the producer of the movie and the claim made by publicists that this movie is the new-age Dil Chahta Hai.

I didn't have unrealistic expectation from the movie when it began. But as the first half progressed I became more and more curious to see the problem-solving second half of the movie. It was then that I felt disappointed. The second half was too silly for several reasons. The "Ranjhore ke Rathore" thing was overdone. The dream and the interpretation will be seen in any or all spoofs directed towards this movie. The transport strike and the compulsion to ride a horse and reach the airport. And the innovative route to go to the airport via Asiatic library and Flora fountain. The end was so predictable. We have seen so many movies ending in similar fashion at the airport. Why add one more to that list?

It was a pleasant surprise to see Jayant Kriplani, Anuradha Patel and Kitu Gidwani on screen after a long time. And I loved Ratna Pathak-Shah in the insecure mother's role who raises her son away from the influence of the violence-loving Rathore family. The story was well-narrated and sounded funny till the 3 pre-requisites of being a Rathore came into picture. Naseeruddin Shah reminded me of Kader Khan, who similarly spoke from his portrait in Ghar Ho To Aisa, a family drama of 80s. Paresh Rawal was good.

Imran Khan, the nephew, was not bad. It is not clear from this movie whether he can act or not. Since he is high on the cuteness-quotient I would say that I liked him. There is some sort of innocense and genuineness on his face, just like his uncle :). And I am not being biased here. He did remind me of Sanjal Lal of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander. And the next thing I learn is that he played junior-Sanju in the movie (watch the song Rooth ke humse kabhi...).

The thing I liked most about the movie was the way the brother-sister relationship was portrayed. There was a very touching conversation between them when the brother reminds Aditi that she had been his only friend since childhood, and that it was not he who distanced himself from her. It was Aditi who got involved and busy with her gang of friends and moved away from her brother. And Aditi gets to experience the same feeling when somebody else becomes the center of universe for Jai.

But that is how life is... The feelings and there way of expression have no "Units". They cannot be quantified nor equated. The sad part is that people often suffer because of complications arising from such situations.

This is the first movie which made me feel old. I cannot associate myself with teenage romance anymore. Don't know if it is good or bad.


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