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"Grow up Akash!"

"Grow up Akash".

That's what Sid says to Akash when he casually jokes about the woman Sid has fallen in love with.

As a part of movie show in the institute I happened to watch Dil Chahta Hai 'nth' time. I came to know during those 2 hrs that there are many not-yet-grown-up Akashs around. I could hear a giggle or two at the most inappropriate moments in the movie. But who defines what is inappropriate? It is so subjective... Forget it.

There are so many situations in the movie which I love. Then there are some which are so trite (e.g. Shalini marrying the son of her Uncle who brought her up). Then there was the 'opera' scene when Akash closes his eyes and realizes that he has special feelings for Shalini. It was just too dramatic. I wish things could get clear that easily. However, I really love two scenes from the movie.

Sid calls his best friends Akash and Sameer to come and celebrate Tara's birthday with them. It was an attempt to bring together the two different worlds he lives in---the fun-filled world of his friends and the world where all his emotions lie, in the form of the woman he loves. There is a scene when Akash asks Tara to dance with him and she agrees reluctantly, and then slowly starts enjoying it. Sid looks at both of them smiling contently. He experiences a joy which one gets after making a loved-one happy. There is something very selfless in the happiness Sid feels at that moment. I loved the expression on his face. Very genuine.

Another scene is when Akash and Shalini are rushing to take the train and Akash climbs in while Shalini couldn't. There faces are shown through the glass door. No words are spoken but you can get a feel of a 'sudden-separation' when it was not expected. The look on Shalini's face when after a while Akash returns shows a relief and seems to say "I knew you would come." The same expression returns on her face when suddenly Akash appears a day before her wedding, to confess his love for her.

Hmmm.... Being in love is lovely!


Amit said…
Great movie. I love the song "Kaisi hai ye rut"... the way song has been shot... bbbeautiful. I remember, I went with a huge TIFR gang to watch DCH in Central Plaza... ours was the second row (from screen, of course!), and mine was the corner seat!
jeet n shilpy said…
what abt the subodh scenes...we just loved them beautifully only angika was showing them on you tube to the lab members...and everybody was into fits of laughter...ok...ok...ur hero was also ok in the movie...
Shazia said…
Arey Subodh was just too funny.I am a little like him. I remember dates very well. :-)
And my hero was 'very good' in the movie and not just ok... :-)
Shazia said…
@ Amit
Even I saw the movie sitting in the second row at PVR Priya at Delhi. DCH was the first movie i saw in Delhi.

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