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In love with Bombay: Part II

I think I should say that "I am in love with south bombay." I have hardly seen (or stayed in) other parts of the city. I am sure there are areas in bombay which are not this comfortable and beautiful.

Compared to Delhi, I never found it difficult moving around in Bombay. BEST buses and the general public seemed so different than the DTC buses and the accompanied rowdiness. The only bus I could take in Delhi, without being anxious was 615- Minto Road to Purvanchal Hostel. On the other hand I hardly ever felt uncomfortable in the local trains in Bombay (there are a few instances though).

"New in Bombay?"

"You should go around and see the city."

I remember my advisor telling this to one of my batchmates and me. We didn't know what was coming next. We were given a task of going to Mumbai University (Kalina campus) for collecting the degrees of 4 of our seniors (TIFR did not have deemed university status then).

Good job. Just that both of us had no idea where we were supposed to go. And forget Kalina campus, we didnt even know the location of Churchgate station. We took the TIFR bus and got down at the supposed churchgate stop. Both of us were confused whether to take the right or the left turn. I asked my friend to ask somebody, but the 'male ego' prevented him to ask for directions. So, I took charge of the situation.

"Lets move in the direction of the crowd and then we will surely reach Churchgate station."

It was 11:00 am and most people at that time were going to work towards fort area. We joined them and reached fountain. No churchgate or any other station was in view. We tried asking a few people and the only information we could extract was that it was very near. "But where?"

With my friend not responding at all, i made a suggestion-- "Lets take a cab."

Then we realized that we should have turned left instead of right. Churchgate was so near. We made a pact that we won't tell anybody else that we took a cab from fountain to churchgate. It should be kept a secret if we didn't want ourselves to become laughingstocks. :-)

The rest of the journey to Kalina was not eventful, except that we didn't get the degrees of our seniors since we were not carrying authorization letters. So, we went to Kalina again the next day. And this time we were like any other confident mumbaikar walking on the streets.


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