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Looking for a groom? Read even if your answer is "No".

With the world on our fingertips, finding a life partner has become a lot more easier. There are a huge number of marriage portals where you can register and fill-in the relevant details about you and your prospective partner. If lucky, you will get 'the one you were looking for'. If not, then keep looking. I am addicted to reading the bio-data of 'grooms' for a different reason---the fun attached to it. You have to read it to believe it. Here are some of the most hilarious ones out of the huge lot.
None of these are fabricated. I have just deleted a few words/lines which might reveal their identity

1. He is a g8 (great?) person who understand filling's (Are people available in different fillings? I want chocolate) of others and care of team (which team? I am confused). he live and think simply. he is so nice guy who can do any things for friends family. i don't have word's to right (Right said!!!) about him... that what he is and which type of person is he. i will tell u one this the person who come in this life he (He is waiting for a 'he' to come in his life?) is the happiest person in this earth id our challenge.

Looking for: Smart,intelligent,confident,caring.funloving as i am,He (again the 'he', now it is confirmed) should respect me and my feelings,should be understanding.

My Family: father mother, two brother one is married , sister in low (why is feeling low?) is homemaker

2. I am self motivated person respect to elders and love to younger one, looking the same bride to share the happiness and sorrows of life only serious persons can be contact.

My Job: TELL U LATER (the suspense is killing me!)

Looking for: Smart,intelligent,confident,caring.funloving as i am,He (here comes the 'he' again) should respect me and my feelings,should be understanding.

3. i am very simple man i am funny looking for simple girl who should be true in speak and romantic.i hate lier always Looking for: she should be a romantic girl (now I know the importance of punctuation marks. Is this person 'funny looking' or is he 'funny and looking for a simple girl' ?.)

4. I am a simple man who likes gosip with friends and cosins (the most honest person on earth to be saying this on his profile meant for attracting brides) .I am a businesmen (how many men?) .I like travel sea movie just enjoy the life. (travel by sea or see movies?)

My Job: We make mashrom seeds and sale to the farmer the farmer produce the mashrom then we buy the mashrom (very interesting job! then what do you do with that 'mashrom'? make more seeds, i guess.)

Looking for: Smart,intelligent,confident,caring.funloving as i am,He (why are all men looking for men?) should respect me and my feelings,should be understanding.

On second thought, this one has written exactly the same in the "Looking for" category as the number '2' i mentioned above. Hmmm...too bad! Some people just cannot refrain from copying.

5. It is very cumbersome to explain myself in few sentences. (still i managed to write a huge paragraph about myself) Anyway I will tell about myself in short. I brought-up with strong moral and family values.I belong to a middle class family where i learnt how to respect elder and love younger.I am extrovert, jovelian (new word just coined, somebody please contact the publishers of Oxford dictionary) and have good sense of humor. I believe in quotation be happy and let other people be happy, always try to represent my self in the same fashion whatever i am by nature.I hate person who display the dual personality.My life style is very simple.

I am very much serious about my marriage so I request only serious people shall communicate. (Who is not? Even I am. )

Looking for: I will appreciate her intelligence than that of beauty. Looking for a matured, cool and obviously should not get irritate on every conversation (Hmmm...that's a little difficult).She understands family definition.Eventually, she should bring a fragrance of friendship in my life. (Wow!) Rest of thing I leave on my destiny. (Is anything left to leave on destiny?)

6. i am very cool person.i like brave people who face challenges and thrilling life.i like cricket and travelling.i want to see europe and America to see what is the situation reality on ground.(What situation? What reality? Very good reason for a vacation in Europe & USA)

Looking for: Smart,intelligent,confident,caring.funloving as i am,He should respect me and my feelings,should be understanding. (Here comes the same sentence again, along with the 'he'.)

7. i am X. i am in bangladeshi . i want gentel women (You want more than one woman???). i want his marrige (Whose marriage?). devorese no problem. (You mean divorcee?) i am is very queit parson. (Please check the meaning of 'parson' in a dictionary. It's ok if being a bong you call 'person' as 'parson' but still in english it is spelled as 'person')


The 'mashrom' one is my personal favourite.


Amit said…
lol! I alse liked the "mashrom" one... particularly your remark.
Angika said…
Oh God Shazia, I have not laughed this much in ages. Superb.
Anonymous said…
i likjed everything, but the remark at the end of it was just fantastic.. laughed a lot after ur mashrom stint.. happy searching though....
jc said…
too good...
Shanta Laishram said…
Hilarious Post! Had fun reading,
kanishq said…
wah shaz....kya baat hain..vadiya...
Shazia said…
Most of you enjoyed reading this post except one. To others who might have read it and not liked it, the post was not supposed to offend anybody. The content of this post were taken from 'public-portals' and therefore I think that they are open for any kind of criticism.
Preeti Datar said…
Khushboo recommended this blog spot as a must read!! I'm glad I dropped by. It's HILARIOUS!! Mashroom one is my fav too!! :D

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