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Last year I had sworn that no matter what, I would never again inflict torture upon myself by watching any 'Khan-brothers Production'. But, after hearing about this one from my friends back home I decided to go for it. In a nutshell, I don't regret it. :)

'Dabangg' takes you in that long lost era of Karans, Arjuns, Rams and Lakhans. I am not claiming that those movies were of great cinematic value, but they do have something- a little bit of nostalgia attached to them. A regular sight of heroes in pink tees, heroines in little-black-dresses, dancing away to glory after having tequila shots in posh clubs seems to have bored the audiences a little. 'Dabangg' comes as a welcome change in today's times.

The story is set in a small town somewhere in Uttar Pradesh. Chulbul Pandey is a cop who proudly calls himself Robinhood Pandey aka messiah of the poor. We don't see much of Robinhood-ing happening in the movie except once or twice. Most of the time he is seen chasing a gang of gundas and kick-boxing them every time he catches them. They keep coming back and get beaten up in return. And, so our Chulbul Pandey establishes his dabangg-ness. During one of such chases he lands up at the house of the potter-girl Rajo. Love happens at first sight. But our Chulbul Pandey doesn't try any hanky-panky, instead he proposes to marry her.   So, our Chulbul Pandey establishes that he is a man of good character. His life revolves around loving his mother and hating the step-father & step-brother duo. Then there is a sub-plot of some netas and elections, with the bad guys being lead by one Chhedi Singh. Dushmani happens. The mother bears the brunt of it. And in the end, maa-da-ladlaa takes the revenge after joining hands with the step-brother Makkhi.

My heart went out to Chulbul Pandey during one of the scenes when he attempts to patch up with his step-father after his mother's death but is chased away curtly. He takes out his Ray-ban Aviators, wears them and leaves. Once he is out of that room, briefly he takes off the glasses and wipes away his tears, his eyes red and swollen. I felt like hugging him, that very moment. *Sigh*

Watch 'Dabangg' for the never-before dose of Salman Khan. He looks good, acts differently funny, and manages to tear away his shirt solely by his bulging biceps-triceps and don't know what-other-ceps. I clapped and hooted throughout the movie, including the song "Tu atom-bomb hui...darrrling mere liye". :)


Koffee beanzz said…
I also hooted at the 'belt-thrust' move in the song Dabang :D
Shazia said…
OMG! That step was so funny. I laughed like crazy. :)
shilpy said…
Me loved it all too... :)

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