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He still remains...

number 1, for me...

What happened to me last week has already been repeated, word-by-word, to at least 20 people and I got bored of the whole episode and did not feel the enthusiasm to write it on my blog. But then I didn't write anything else here because this has to be written 'first'. :)
So I waited to regain the enthu and for the feeling to sink in, that I met 'him' for the second time in my life (so far). OMG! YES I DID!!!

Exactly 5 years back he visited our institute auditorium to see this concert. I had just joined the institute 6 months before this event. That fateful day the buzz spread around when somebody saw him amongst the audience. Finally, I managed to catch him back stage while he was taking an autograph from Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia, who autographed his flute and gave it to him. I was a witness to that event. Now if I have to describe his look, let me just tell you that he was shooting for the 'disastrous' Mangal Pandey. That means I hardly could see his face which was majorly covered by his moustache. And his long and curly tresses covered his face partially and over that (if I remember correctly) he was wearing a cap. When I and the others went to him to take his autograph, he seemed very reluctant and somewhat irritated. My guess is that he didn't like it when the whole crowd went to him and ignored the very senior and acclaimed artist who had performed that evening. He signed our papers/books while keeping a very sombre face and he didn't say a word to any of us. I didn't feel good that day.

He has been the only artist (till very recently i.e. 29th January 2009) I have loved since I started understanding movies. Anybody who knows me a little, is aware of my 'madness'. So much that my friends call me and congratulate me when his movie does well, and pour all the cricism over me when his movie fails and call me to cheer me up when his movie failed to win the Oscar. And in return I irritate all my friends by talking about him and defending him when anything goes wrong. I am like that as far as Aamir Khan is concerned. I just can't help it...its too late now. :)

I didn't like his last release (except that song, you know which one) and that's what I wrote on my blog. Then 29th Jan happened, followed by 14th Feb and another story began. I was wondering whether my 'love' for him is disappearing. The surprise test was conducted on 11th March 2009 and my 'love' passed the test.

That day (which was 'Holi') I was coming back to the institute after watching 2 movies back to back (Luck By Chance-a 2nd time, don't ask me why and the horrible 13B) and I saw a huge line of cars on the way. Then I realized that the Zubin Mehta concert was supposed to be held at our institute auditorium. I just shared my thought with a friend, "What if Aamir Khan comes here again?" and he shut me up and asked me to stop dreaming. 30 seconds later another friend called me and said exactly what I had thought and I started jumping there and then, in the middle of the road.

It was only after an hour that I could catch a glimpse of him from a small distance. And after another one and a half hour I was standing next to him taking his autograph and trying to make him recall that he had come to this same place 5 years ago. Then he looked at me and said "Yeah, Right,right!". Those 5 seconds when he looked in my eyes while I looked into his, will remain with me forever. I was completely numb/lost that moment. Then he returned my diary and I requested him to write the date where he had signed. He did that and then I wished him a happy birthday, to which he did not reply. I took back my diary but stood there looking at him while he continued giving autograph to other people. Then he asked me to pass my diary so that he can use it as a support as most other people had got sheets of paper. I gave it back to him and stood there. This time I had a reason to be standing there.

Finally, it got over and he left, just to come back the next day. Saw him again when he fleeted past us and I skipped a beat again.

After 20 years...he is still there and I still feel the same for him. I love him.

The moment is gone, but every night before sleeping I take out both his autographs and gaze at them and smile. :)


kate said…
so sweet ya. Some things never change. :-)
sujaan said…
wow...guess it's love like this that sustains his success...
Shazia said…
@ K2 and Suzy
Hope this 'love' remains in my heart till I lose all my teeth. That will be my longest 'love-story' :)
Rajita said…
Oh my my..I just did a post on him..and i can totallyrelate to this..just that I no longer love him :(

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