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Taare Zameen Par

Saw the first show of Taare Zameen Par yesterday. A beautiful movie. A must watch for all. The movie deals with an issue 'less-explored'-- needs of a child.

What does "taking care of a child" mean? Putting your child in the best school available. Spending money on tutions, swimming classes, dance classes, and what not. Getting them the best designer wear available. Chocolates, video games, picnics...

TZP tries to define "taking care" which is very different from what is percieved by most adults.

A child who is too young to understand why he is not like other normal children of his age goes through a rough time both at home and school. Then there are constant comparisons with a sibling, who incidentally is a topper and is 'fit to compete in today's world'. He just gives up trying and gets lost within himself. Ishaan was lucky enough to get noticed by a teacher who understands his special needs. How many other children would find similar support? What do you expect from the world if the parents themselves fail to comprehend the problem of their child?

TZP is a special movie which reaches the heart of people of all ages. At some point or the other most of us have faced similar problems or seen a sibling or a classmate deal with a similar situation.

Darsheel Safary was a good choice for the role of Ishaan. His dreamy eyes, often clouded with tears conveyed the feeling without a single word being said. I loved the scene when he steps forward to have a look at his teacher's painting and the expression which flows on his face. A feeling he experienced for the first time, that he is special.

The movie is everything which is expected from Mr. Aamir Khan's directorial debut. He has handled the subject very well. It is apparent that a lot of attention was paid to every single detail in the movie. The effort which has gone in making this movie shows.

I want to tell you A, that even if the movie doesn't do well financially, it has succeeded in conveying your message. Yes, there are a few stray people like a guy who i overheard telling his friend while coming out of the theater, "Buddhe-buddhiyon ke liye banayi hai ye movie". I will recommend these people to go and enjoy Welcome instead of wasting their time and energy on TZP. With their IQ and lack of sensibility they will surely enjoy it.

Lastly i want to thank D Lab Angel for getting the tickets for me. And i would like to mention that i missed and thought of you all-- Cat, Dopaminator and AB.


shilpy said…
too good dear.. i wish u and ur favourite actor, oops i mean director, good luck for this wonderful, sensitive debut..
Shazia said…
Thanks Shilpy. My hero has once again shown the world that he is different :-)
I love him!
jc said…
hmmm...really a must watch
Anonymous said…
crasy kiya re
Anonymous said…
did you recall ammi,wali and abbu after seeing tzp?
C.A.T. said…
Well I absolutely loved the movie; in start I was not able to relate the character with myself. I never had any physical problem, was too playful instead... which made me not naturally serious in studies... and in the process I used to get compared with u by every possible person around me. I was not so thoughtful that would consciously ignore studies after that, but the whole comparison act wasn't helping the cause.

Well what I liked in this movie is undoubtedly the role of a teacher who is sensitive and knows what teaching is all about... it’s not about helping a kid increase his percentage from 85 to 95. But a teacher is someone who helps a kid move from 3/25 to 23/25.

Teaching is a very responsible profession, which is often ignored. I could feel the slap in ram's every comment to Ishaan's parents and I guess they very well deserved it.

The best scenes from movie were 2, first being the facial expression change of Ishaan when he saw his sketch which Ram made. Secondly when his name was announced as a winner, he couldn’t believe it as he was not used to such kind of recognition.

Movie is amazingly thoughtful, and Aamir being perfectionist has given special effort in cinematography. Whether it was Ishaan's house' dislocated gate or Earth and Mars fight or flippad which Ishaan made before leaving to boarding... it was all perfect.

I am waiting for second stint.
D Lab Angel said…
I agree dear....only i wish the movie didnt end in the usual style of the 'hero' winning something- an arts competition if not topping the class...

It should have just ended with his parents finally satisfied with knowing that their kid was special but they shld love them unconditionally still...does he have to prove something to the world to make them happy??? They should just let him be , try to make his life happier and get their happiness in he fact that their child is now the happiest he could ever be...

that is all, but i think that ending must have been put for the bollywood crowd- they would find it incomplete without the usual victory scene. (i hope you got what i just blabbered)

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