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"Mr SLB, What's wrong with you?"


Mr SLB, we get the point that life has treated you very badly. But why subject the audience to your idiosyncracies? You should have declared that this movie is not for the masses. Why did you cheat your audience?

The only thing worth mentioning is the music. But what about the intervening sequences when the main protagonists were either jumping around or laughing or crying without any conceivable reason (at least we fools did not get the point). At least there was something believable in the character of Ranbir Raj (i.e. when he was not imitating either his grand father or his father). He seemed to be a not-yet-grown-up school boy who falls in love with a strange (and also a stranger) girl. And since it is known that in love people often behave like a fool, any subsequent action of his which follows his falling in love is justified.

But what was this girl Sakina about? I m sorry but you could not get into the heart of the character. We have seen a Nandini screaming "Mujhe do hisso mein mat baanton ma, main mar jaoongi". We have also seen Paro's denial and Chandramukhi's selfless love (but anyway they were not characters created by you). What went wrong this time? It was not clear at any point of time what was going on in Sakina's head.

To me she seemed a strange woman. She believes that the love of her life would return one special day. At few instances she seems to be a completely mad, devoted lover. Then, when the man does not turn up that fateful day she suddenly turns into an opportunist and almost accepts the proposal of this guy who has been following her for 4 days (just 4 days???). And in the immediate next moment when she sees the shadow of her true-love standing on the bridge (aren't you obsessed by bridges?) she says sorry to this guy and finally lands in the arms of her love. It seemed she had a mental-switch with which she controlled her emotions. Ok, yes people sometimes behave impulsively etc etc....may be you wanted to show that. But the tussle going on within Sakina was not apparent. Neither her shedding tears or her giggle could convey what exactly she was feeling.

What about the "towel-dropping" song? Hmmm...i think it was a revenge on behalf of all the heroines who were made to wear white sarees and jump in the water-fall by Raj Kapoor. Not a bad job actually :-)

In the end, Mr SLB i think it is you who needs a hug (a jadoo ki jhhappi) so that you make some better cinema.


Amit said…
Even after reading this post, I would go and watch Saawariya at INOX! I am sure sets in the movie are wonderful enough for "paisa wasool". And of course I had a clue about the story being very ordinary (or even worse).
Shazia said…
What do you think was the reason i went to see Saawariya? I went to appreciate the same. But trust me, u will get tired of looking at the sets, as every animate object will irritate you.
Actually, you should see it once. Just for the experience sake.
Rizvan said…
Hi Shazia, nice to see your blog,however yet i have not seen sanwariya, however most of reviews on this films are negative,but i could not believe that Sanjay Leela Bhansali can made such film. i will must see it.

your treking exprience are very nice, and more important you narated it very well, what do you do? i think you can be a good writer/journalist.
Shazia said…
@ Rizvan
You should see it once (however at your own risk). Then only you will understand the trauma of those who saw it first day first show...

Thanks for your appreciation. I m Research Scholar (in simple words, doing PhD).

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