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Lots of drama...

It was my fourth visit to the International Airport in the last one month. No, i am not on a world tour. This was just to recieve or see off my friends (Eddy, AB, Kate and Beanz). I always carry a book at such occasions so that i dont get bored. But everytime i realize that it's impossible to get bored here. You can get tired but not bored. There's so much action out there.

Firstly, the number of people who come with the purpose of dropping or recieving is at least 3 times the number of people travelling. Secondly, it is they who contribute to the huge ruckus at the gates. The first or the last bit of emotion-display has to happen at the entrance gate itself. And this leads to the "trolley-traffic-jam". I dont know why people (quite sophisticated looking, carrying 'gucci' bags) behave in such uncivilized manner. Indeed money doesn't teach you manners.

A couple and a baby just emerge from the exit gate and a gang of 10 grown-ups rush towards them. The poor baby is grabbed and tossed from one hand to the other. All this happening less than 5 steps from the exit, leading to a long queue of other travellers (some even on wheel-chairs) and the airline crew. I could easily relate this to kindergarten kids running out of the school gate minutes after the school bell rings. Here you can hardly differentiate an adult from a child. It might be possible that a child is more well-behaved than his/her parents.

Once even i felt like doing some kind of drama like screaming my friends name or wave excitedly as if i m seeing the person after ages. But by the time the concerned person came out i was so tired of standing that i could just smile.

I would just like to say that airports and railway stations often give rise to special moments. Enjoy your moment. Please do not cause inconvenience to others.

Ending on an interesting note: The pilots and cabin crew of British Airways are the most good looking of the lot. The next time you are at the international airport look around to check if a British Airways flight has just arrived. :)


Anonymous said…
and I guess Delta airlines has buddas!!

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