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Dreaming funny

Last night my lovely sleep was interspersed with a funny activity in my brain and resulted in these dreams...

I am dead and my spirit is asking my father to stop crying. I am trying to console him and tell him that I am not happy to be dead as I have to leave for an unknown destination...that I will really get bored as I won't have anything to do there. Then I ask him whether I can carry my laptop with me. At least that way I will have stuff to read, movies to watch and music to listen too...

(I think I am getting obsessed with my laptop)

Another one.....

I am nervous before my thesis seminar which should start within a few hours. I visit my guide's office and notice that she is having lunch. She looks at me and asks me to get a few 'papads' for her. I roast 2 'papads' and get them for her. Then I ask her to come for my seminar.

(The scene changes)

I am standing in a hall, ready to give my presentation. I begin with 'acknowledgment-slide' and this slide goes on forever. Finally the audience clap and it gets over (too easy). The point to be noticed is that the thesis seminar was taking place in a church and the audience looked as if they have come to attend a wedding.

(Does that mean I am happily married to my work/thesis? I think I am watching too many hollywood movies and at the same time I am little stressed with the preparation for my thesis defense.)


silent_rebel said…
If you remember your dreams, you are not sleeping well.
Koffee beanzz said…
I liked the 2nd dream..he he he..boss demanding for papads instead of data :D
Mayuri said…

at least this means your sleeping? :P
Anonymous said…
yes.. i agree with beanz.. boss asking for papads!! hilarious! :D
sujaan said…
really funny dreams!

:P i also had a really vivid dream last night; one curious part of it was that i was running/walking barefoot... and i distinctly remember how the textures of the ground was different at different places... i could 'feel' the grass, the cement, the mud under my foot, in my dream :)
Shazia said…
@ Senthu and MayRe
I am sleeping a lot, but yes the quality is not good often. Right guess you made :)

@ Koffee Beanzz
You know there is a saying in hindi which uses the term "papad-belna" for tasks which are difficult to do. So data-generation is like "papad-belna" only.

@ Moni
You know the food quality here is so bad that I am solely dependent on pickle, green chilli and papad to provide some taste. May be thats why I saw 'papad' in dream. But why boss asked me for it, is the funny part.

@ Sujaan
Dream mein bhi tum daudte aur exercise karte rehte ho? :)
You know I can also remember dreams with such clarity very often. And feel it as if it is happening for real...

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