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I like 'Blue'

After working on my thesis (and doing some time-pass) whole night, I happened to peep out of the window and look at the striking shade of blue in the sky. I immediately looked around for my camera. It took some 90 seconds before I could click this photo and in that span of time the coloour of the sky changed a bit. Nevertheless, it is still very near to (but not exactly) the 'blue' which I like.

I am neither very fond of a particular colour (except mauve and lilac) or hate a particular colour. I remember that as a child I didn't like 'yellow' at all. As I grew up, in my mind I started associating colours with different things. E.g. I like 'yellow' when it is a flower which I am looking at (and not Tata Nano or any other car). I would never wear a bright-yellow dress, but that doesn't mean I don't like the colour.

Similarly, I love certain shades of 'blue' which look best in a sky or in a water body. Looking at any of my favourite colours (or shades) in the object of my choice somehow makes me feel elated. (silly things excite me)

Thinking about 'blue' reminded me of the scene in 'Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna' when Rani Mukherjee calls out to Shahrukh Khan saying, "I like blue" which in that situation was supposed to mean "I love you". I liked that scene and the song which followed (Tumhi dekho na...). Actually there are many more things about KANK which I liked. I really regret removing that post from my blog in which I had written why I liked KANK. That post was one of the most 'popular' posts of my blog and million people who googled for "extra-marital affairs" landed on my blog through that post. And that post also had some very interesting comments from anonymous people (anonymous comments on my blog were allowed then). A guy (i think it was a guy) after knowing my views on KANK had commented "Are you interested in having an extra-marital affair?" :)

Oh no!!! This post was not supposed to be this long.... I will go back to work now.
P.S. Last two images are scenes from KANK (the song "Tumhi dekho na"...). Oh I love the songs from this movie, specially "Mitwa...".
And my sincere apology to all married guys, even though I like certain things about KANK, I am not interested in having an extra-marital affair. :)


sujaan said…
looking for new bakras for extramaritals thru this post? :P

in fact it never occurred to me how beautiful that blue is, before the sun rises...haven't seen it in a while...
JC said…
i remember this blue color when used to do night-outs at tifr...
Shazia said…
@ Sujaan
Arey nahi Mr Das. Hum koi unmarried single bakra dhoond rahe hain. Koi nazar mein ho to batayiyega :)

@ Jeet
Hum to aaj kal roz subah hote dekhte hain. Lekin roz-roz ye rang nahi dikhta.
silent_rebel said…
chee chee chee
Shazia said…
@ Senthil
Kya Cheee Cheee???
Sharafat ka zamaana hi nahi reh gaya hai...

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